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1 Month Hoof Update

 It's been exactly 1 month since I started Sierra on a supplement to improve her feet . She used to have outstanding feet for a TB, but over time they degraded. Last summer, she had an abscess blow out on her coronet band and it's been growing out and beginning to crack out. It's to be expected, but I wanted to get her back on something to improve her overall hoof quality anyway. A friend highly recommended Farriers Choice so I started her on that while I researched other products. I'll be switching to Biotin from Mad Barn when I get lower on the Farriers Choice because it's more economical, but regardless myself and my farrier were really impressed with the results that it yielded in just 1 month. The first two images were from back when I first started her on the supplement. and this was after a few weeks and this is now! Her hoof is growing very fast, while all my other horses (who aren't on the supplement) are barely growing (typical for Winter), and at her

The Season Is Upon Us

 The season is upon us, and it's the BEST time of year! No, it's not Christmas, it's almost BREEDING SEASON! I chose not to re-breed Vida last year due to various deciding factors - pregnancy, baby, money, pandemic, market, time, hay, and all that jazz.  I was comfortable in my decision and despite my father-in-law offering a free breeding to his Street Cry son, who I actually really like, I resisted the temptation and left her open.  I had hoped to return her to light work this year since she won't have a foal at her side, and I'm actually really looking forward to having that opportunity! Plus, I feel it will benefit her value as a broodmare in my program.  She's such a big, beautiful, lovely mare and I haven't had the pleasure of sitting on her yet, though my husband has popped on her bareback in a halter in the pasture a few times.  I may need a step ladder to haul my butt up that high (16.3), but I'm really looking forward to having the pleasure.  S

What Makes Them Special?

There's no argument that horses are fantastic beings; good for the soul albeit hard on the pocket book, but what is it that makes specific horses so special? I'm not talking about a young horse with insurmountable talent but rather what makes them important to you? It comes as no surprise that many people who don't see the day in, day out workings of a relationship with a specific horse may develop an opinion that differs from their owners and Sierra is a perfect example of this - many people, maybe even you as you read this - feel utter confusion and don't understand why I love Sierra like I do.  She's extremely sensitive, athletic and emotional.  She's not everyones cup of tea - in fact, she's very few peoples cup of tea and that's okay because she's my absolute favorite type and that's all that matters.  I often have to remind myself of this when I develop my own opinions of other horses in the world - different strokes for different folks, as

WW: View's Around the Farm

 Fun Fact about me - I used to do Photography professionally, but I got burnt out because some people suck, and I haven't hardly touched my camera in years - literally.  Mat Leave has not only allowed me to re-learn how to knit, but it's rekindled my love to spending time behind the lens! These were all taken over the past few days.

Update - Phascinating BRR | 2020 KWPN Filly

 Many loyal readers may recall the birth of my second homebred as I began this adventure of being a sport horse breeder two years ago.  I had chosen to repeat the cross I produced the year prior, as I was so thrilled with the resulting filly.  I was blessed with another filly, and while similar in many ways, she is a fairly different "type" than her older sister.   I'm counting my lucky stars, as I'm 2/2 for both my foals selling prior to weaning.   Phascinating BRR sold a few months ago, but is remaining with me until the roads are more reliable as she has a long journey ahead to her new home in south eastern Quebec; a 4200 KM (2600 Mi) trek.   She's truly a remarkable filly and I'm extremely proud to have produced her!  I absolutely love her balance, bone, size and friendly personality.  I took some new photos recently for her new mom, and just can't help but find myself pondering how much I will miss her when she's gone. Breeding can be tough - ther