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I can see clearly now, through the torrential down pour and running mascara

The 3-week streak of absolute crazy has come to an end.. and to be honest, after this weekend I'm actually a little sad.  Let's flash back a bit to last weekend with Sergio Velez.. At the time, I felt so many emotions that I was truthfully, a little overwhelmed.  The first two days I was frustrated.. first with my horse, then that quickly evolved to being totally in love with him and frustrated with myself.  Then, on the third day at a ridiculous and unplanned hour, within 20 minutes it all made sense.  Sergio had me Canter on the right lead with my reins in my left (outside hand) to solidify the theory that my horse isn't the problem - it's me.  I love to hang on my inside and pull him around to the right because I have to physically work to put my left aids on. Fast forward to the week following the clinic with Sergio, schooling at home.. Kidd had Monday and Tuesday off followed by an absolutely horrific, terrible, atriocious, hideous ride on Wednesday. I lit

2 Clinics down, 1 to go for a mixed bag of ...........

These past 2 weeks have been a complete whirlwind.  Seriously, why didn't anyone tell me i'm an absolute idiot when I decided to do 3 Clinics back to back, all in different locations... Seriously, where are my friends at?! Well.. I don't know who reads this blog, and given my position in the local horse community I may need to keep my brutal honesty at bay.. I will just dive right into it and try and keep things neutral as best I can. The first clinic Coral and I ventured to was a Jumping Clinic at a local, private facility about 45 minutes away.  Let me say that initially we were under the impression it was a jumping clinic; we later found out it was more of an "introduction to Jumping" clinic and therefor it was extremely basic.  I was in a Beginner Horse group given that Kidd has only jumped about 10x, so on Day 1 we did 1.5 Hours of ..... 'interesting flatwork' with a few trot poles thrown into the mix.  The overall goal was to build stead