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Until We Meet Again

  Sierra left at 5:30 this morning to head down to Carol-Ann's barn to go on consignment.  She has several people lined up to come try her, and what I knew would be a bittersweet moment had finally come. This week we enjoyed 3 fantastic rides in a row, and for our potentially final ride together I chose to go on a short ride down the road with two friends yesterday.  Over the past few days, I spent a lot of time talking to Sierra and telling her what a special horse she is - far too special for me and the stage i'm at in my life.  I like to think she understands me, but she seemed completely impartial. Truth be told, I don't have much words right now to explain how i'm feeling, and nothing is written in stone - or rather, no papers have been signed yet - so until something is confirmed i'm trying not to go too far down the rabbit hole.  For now, here's some pictures from this past week while I work to gather my thoughts. I have hardly jumped in 10 years, but too

Amara v. Dory

I previously mentioned my desire to do a comparison post of Amara (2019 Filly) and Dory (2020 Filly). They're full siblings, and very similar but also very different in a lot of ways.   Personality Amara Amara was extremely approachable from the get-go, but she went through a phase that lasted about 3 days where she was extremely aggressive anytime she was approached in the stall or when she was eating.  I tried to ignore it at first, but finally at the advice of some experienced breeders I tuned her in and she was sweet as sugar from then on.  As she aged, she didn't lose that curious, laid back and friendly personality.  She was extremely easy to train, which made my job oh-so easy.  She also got a TON of handling because Vida got re-bred so she made roughly 15 trips to town in the trailer, which resulted in her needing to lead and trailer impeccably well. Dory Dory had a very different start to life being accidentally born in a field with Vida gave us zero warni

Change in the Wind

  I always swore I would never let a baby change my life when it came to horses. I told myself my life will continue on as per usual - I figured it might just take me a little longer to get things done.  Ha, good joke Alaina. Eowynn has been earthside for 5 weeks, and two weeks ago I took Sierra to a friends to leg up for me so we weren't both completely unfit messes when I was healed enough to get back in the tack.  I figured if she was a little fit, she would be in a better position to take care of me while I try and get my bearings back given that I haven't ridden in months, and i'm still healing.  Sierra was actually due back yesterday, but my friend had a rodeo that resulted in her taking a few days off and she wanted me to get my moneys worth, so instead I get to pick her up tomorrow.  Luckily, the weather for the upcoming days this week looks fantastic and might warrant me actually being able to get some rides in. I have no idea what it will feel like, or how much i&