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1 Week of Fiona

We brought Fiona home a week ago and unfortunately I have been crazy busy and not able to spend a ton of time with her.  Regardless, we've picked away at establishing a relationship and I'm honestly waiting for the other shoe to drop. This mare is incredible. Seriously, how did she just fall into my lap?! As previously mentioned , Fiona sustained a pasture injury and they chose to breed her after receiving a 70% prognosis for full recovery.  She was sold to me as appearing sound in the pasture, but given that I didn't purchase her to be a riding horse I wasn't entirely worried about her soundness and didn't give it much thought.  To be honest, I hadn't even really seen her trot before I bought her - lol!  I saw a short jumping clip (below), and a video of her trotting with her foal, wherein her foal was at her side, so I really couldn't see her, and that was it. Now that she's home, she's in a small paddock quarantining before she meets my herd.  I h

New Face In The Barn

While my last attempt at acquiring a new broodmare was a total bust as I decided I wasn't comfortable with her condition or her suitability to broodmareship, my casual search continued from time to time (when I remembered).  Unfortunately after working to get the last mare healthy then subsequently deciding to exercise the buy-back agreement with the seller and 'eating' the costs of my inputs, plus a trying year of breeding and V never ending up catching, my horsey fund was seriously depleted, as was my hopes of adding a mare to my program for the 2022 season. On a whim, I came across a mare I liked the looks of, but her ad had no price listed.  I wasn't really sure what to expect, but was fairly confident it would be well above my measly budget, which fell in the southern region of 4 figures.  Regardless, I figured it didn't hurt to start a conversation, and one of the first things the seller said was that a good home was their #1 priority.  As the conversation wen