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Just When You Think You've Got It All Figured Out

Sometimes things don't fall into place as you once expected them to. Perhaps as we carefully plan each step we take to get the end result we thought we needed, we uncover something else.  Something that may have once seemed out of the question; ludicrous or otherwise ridiculously uncharacteristic.  Sometimes, these things are exactly what we need in order to step out of our comfort zone. Comfort zones are funny things.  Often, the barriers of which keep us contained are not determined by ourselves, but rather those around us.  While we all like to dance to the beat of our own drum, more often than not we are influenced by those around us.  Those that we like or love, and those we dislike who may make us feel as though we are forced to prove something to them.  This can become an incredibly viscous circle of frustration and feeling irrevocably alienated  among our equestrian clicks.  As a result, the barriers of our comfort zones are set.  It's not until we cast aside our o

January 15th was a day for the books!

Today, on January 15th, I rode Kai for the first time.  In general, today was an incredibly exciting and nerve wracking day; a day for new and adventurous endeavors with Kai. It's been particularly warm the past few days, but sadly today that warmth was accompanied by wind.  While it could have been worse, it was enough to have all the horses galloping and bucking all over the farm.  As a result, it had Kai pretty jittery.  In fact, she was the most revved up she has ever been.  I lunged her as usual, and she bucked and squealed like a complete idiot.  She would settle and carry on, then act a fool again.  This continued for a whopping and unfortunate 45 minutes.  She got herself quite sweated up and while many would think 45 minutes of that kind of energy would surely have her exhausted but that wasn't the case - and typically isn't with a Thoroughbred.  Luckily though, she had calmed down significantly and Ray, my designated helper, walked around the corner to give me a

Always Draw Your Own Conclusions

I'm heading home to Beautiful BC in March and at the advice of a good friend, I decided to pre-advertise my services for Equine Sports Therapy sessions while i'm there.  I will be honest, I was skeptical and didn't expect much response. I understand people are very particular about who they welcome into their horses lives, and many have professionals they already work with on a semi regular basis.  I can understand, as I too am particular about who I have used in the past to work on my own horses.  Regardless, much to my surprise I have received quite a fair amount of interest in the 24 hours my advertisement has been posted! String Halt in Horses One of the potential new clients who contacted me has brought an intriguing case to my attention.  The horse in question has a history of limb problems, particularly in the hind end.  Not only does he suffer from String Halt, his 'stifles also pop out of alignment'.  I was curious if she has had him vetted to get

Veterinary Expenses, Overpriced Supplies and Looking Onward to Spring

Still not much new going on in my life so this will be yet another 'boring' blog post, but I have been missing writing.  Plus, just because i'm not riding doesn't mean there isn't much happening in my horsey-related life. Firstly, Kidd is still incredibly fat, fluffy and adorable for those who have been curious. I know this blog seems to predominantly swirl around Kai, but that will change once I am riding regularly again.  For now, Kidd is still enjoying his much-deserved winter off.  He's still the light of my life and is currently beyond the "I love being a wild horse, you're the best mom!" and has advanced into "I will never speak to you again, i'm so BORED"... but this too shall pass. Nik is wintering well... Ray keeps making jokes that maybe she managed to get pregnant in Spring '16 after all the Stallion issues we had regardless of the Vet confirming her open! :P To follow, I thought I had a plan with my spring