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First Lesson of the 2016 Season

Today was the day I've had mixed feelings about for the past week or so... the first lesson of the 2016 season. Ironically this lesson was actually supposed to happen last week however my husband had to have an emergency surgery to remove his Appendix and things got put on hold.  No biggie, my local coach is super flexible - we rescheduled for today, April 20th.  I've been having pretty great rides at home despite the ridiculous winds we've been battling lately, so I was going into it nervous but also feeling excited and proud of the improvements we've made since I last saw this coach in 2015. Things didn't quite go as anyone expected however I think in the end it turned out even better than anyone expected.  As I previously mentioned, I'm very prone to succumbing to negativity and at this point I don't think I would necessarily consider myself 'negative', but rather i'm extremely driven and often don't appreciate the little things.

REPOST: Polos Vs. Wraps

* This is a repost from my previous blog Ohh the age old debate that fuels arguments world wide; Wraps Vs. Boots.  You may find that about 90% of people say boots are better, and that's fine.  I'm a firm believer in "each to their own", especially when there is little scientific proof to back it up.  I am going to touch on the most common uses in English.  I will say i'm personally in the middle, because for me it's entirely dependent on the situation and i'll tell you why.. Boots Firstly, there are a variety of different types of boots.  In Dressage, we most commonly use a softer material, lined in something with moisture-wicking properties.  They typically cover the inside of the fetlock, but only partially cover the outside.  The fabric is typically softer due to the joint angles required in Dressage, and we need to encourage as much freedom as possible while still providing protection.  The most common leg injury sustained to Dressage horses be

My muttled & muddy first post!

Let me start off by saying I'm not very good at this 'blogging thang'.  As you'll find out, I'm a very busy person and often struggle to commit to things that require any energy beyond my usual hobbies.  If you saw that episode of House where the woman was addicted to blogging, I'm basically the complete opposite.  Alas, through the pressure of a great friend (hehe, you know who you are!) I'm giving this a whirl. Kidd, Summer 2015 in our arena at home As I mentioned in my "About Me" segment, I used to write a few key notes down in a note book after each ride.  As someone who is constantly battling a negative mindset I find it really helps me realize the positives of each ride.  I started blogging on a different host as a means of keeping track of our progress without having to write it all out by hand (how very 21st century of me, right??) but I've decided to 'restart' on BlogSpot in the hopes that accumulating some followers an