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WW: Around The Farms


Back On Track

It's been over a year since I was actively riding due to the complications that arose in my pregnancy.  Don't get me wrong - I rode a few times last summer and then in the late fall, but Sierra bucked me off right at the pivotal point of the extreme weather change and therefore only rode sporadically through the winter and truthfully, none of those rides were anything to write home about.  Aside from the excitement of getting bucked off, the rest of my rides over the past year basically consisted of walking around for 5 minutes.  While they lacked any form of requirements from either of us however, they served a purpose of keeping myself sane. Taking the time off to allow my body to grow a human and then heal from that endeavor was difficult; I've ridden the majority of my life and as a result, my life completely revolved around it so now not only was the only constant for the better part of my life amiss, I suddenly had to learn how to become a mother.  Through all that, I