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2021 Goals

 2020 was, in so many ways, a fabulous year for me.  You read that right.  It brought me my daughter, and a clearer vision of many people in my life who I temporarily saw through rose coloured glasses.  I was blessed to work in a position that the lockdown essentially had me on an extended Mat Leave with full pay, because we began working from home in March and I, truthfully, had very little work to do due to having no classes in session as I work for the local College.  It also granted me the freedom to help my In-laws in their office, and they also kep tme very busy in the barn while they tried to get their mare bred and I was often Ultrasounding up to 5 mares a day for nearly 3 months straight all whilst being very pregnant.  When I went on official Mat leave in July, it felt like an easy transition.  As Eowynns birth date approached, I spent most of my summer with my feet up eating a disgusting amount of Watermelon (cravings, mkay?), nestled in the safety of my own farm.  Since her

Blog Hop: 2020 Summary; Covid Edition

 While we all live in different towns, have different goals and different lives - but one thing that we all have in common is what a wild and wonky year 2020 was.  The reality is, it's all affected us in one way or another, and with 2020 coming to an end it's time to reflect and look hopeful towards an improved 2021. What's the best thing that happened to you in 2020? Personal: Hands down, the birth of my daughter .  After 4 years of fertility struggles, I'm beyond grateful and though some days feel like an eternity of struggle, confusion and pain, my heart has never been more full. Horsey: It's hard to choose. Despite hardly riding, I've had a lot of wonderful horsey-filled memories this year.  From the birth of Phascinating BRR , my second homebred to date, to the few rides I got to enjoy and making a major investment in my breeding business, there's been lots to be thankful for. What's the worst thing that happened to you in 2020? Personal: It's

Merry Christmas To Me!

PSA: Blogger Secret Santa E-mails were sent out several weeks ago; if you haven't seen it please check your Junk and let me know so I can let your draw know to expect it after Christmas!  I haven't blogged since I wrote about flying Air Eject of which Sierra was the pilot a few weeks ago.  I've since hopped on Sierra again just in her paddock, as the winter weather hasn't been conducive to riding and until last week she still had summer shoes on. Between the warming trend which brought copious amounts of ice, to a sudden and dramatic dip in temperatures which tickled the -30C's, the weather hasn't been particularly enticing.  I knew I would ride sporadically at best through the winter, so it's not a huge, unexpected loss - Sierra's now out in the pasture with the herd and loving life!  That being said, just because I'm not riding doesn't mean there isn't anything horsey happening in my life!  With the sale of my 2020 filly Phascinating BRR to