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3Day Adventures Blog Hop: 3 Words

I stumbled across this Blog Hop this morning as I perused through my reading list, pretending this is not the busiest week at work in our 8 week rotation.  Not only do I love Blog Hops because it expands my reading list, but I love reading the posts.  This Blog Hop was originally created by 3Day Adventures , and in it, she asks you describe your horse(s) in 3 words. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kidd Sensitive Kidd is a red head, through and through.  He's incredibly sensitive both emotionally, and physically.  If one little thing in his tack isn't how he likes it, he will be incredibly awkward and uncomfortable. While it's not in his nature to pitch a full-on fit, he revels in negative tension.  He is easily upset when not spoiled and told how brilliant he is, and while it's nice he's invested, it works against us more often than not. Fun-Loving Kidd loves to have fun and is very easily bored.  He is very true to his name, a

10 Needles

On February 6, 2018 the day had come.  Kidd was booked in to see the travelling Vet who comes to our area to follow up on our appointment last month.  In our last appointment , we isolated Kidd’s issues and confirmed he is not 100% in the hind end; a concern I had lurking deep in my muddled brain for an unfortunate number of years.  I had been convinced by peers and coaches alike that Kidd was fine - I just couldn’t ride him well enough - however my growing suspicions convinced me to seek a professional opinion.  My concerns were quickly confirmed when he saw the travelling High Performance Equine vet in early January.  Upon failing the flexions in both hind limbs, we put Kidd on Previcox while I tracked his reaction and wrapped my head around the possibility of needing to have Joint Injections done. Scrub-a-dub-dub... Note how 'different' Kidd's front feet are Unfortunately shortly after seeing the Vet in January, Kidd su ccumbed to the viral cold wreaking

Begging for Improvement

Unless you live under a rock at this point you have, at the very least, heard of the Shelley Browning / West Coast Dressage Festival fiasco.  I was one of the many ‘blessed’ to witness the so called “Friday ride” before it was removed from nearly every corner of the internet.  This ride I’m referring to is not to be confused with the Thursday ride that although appalling, was unfortunately significantly better than the one I had the pleasure of witnessing.  For those of you who do live under rocks, I’m referring to a video from the Live Stream, showcasing unfair use of the whip and spurs, which was/is being supported by the FEI/WCDF and provided proof that you can’t buy talent… well, in some ways you can I suppose because lets be real – that horse was sent from the Heavens; talk about tolerable.  As Mrs Browning kicked, yanked, whipped and couldn’t seem to find her seat for the life of her, her horse did his absolute best to do his job and though he did give a few measly “hey, stop th