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A New Addition

Many who know me know that I have felt the pull for a Thoroughbred for some time.  I lost my first horse, an Off Track Thoroughbred (OTTB) mare on May 20, 2006.  Her name was Molokai Fire, and it was a very fitting name.  Molokai (also known as Moose, Moosey-Poo, Moo-Moo and Molly along with some others that aren't rated G) had an attitude and enjoyed rearing, but she also taught me a lot.  I learned to never stop riding, and to always grab made when I ever had any doubt.  I learned to sit deep and to be optimistic, as well as to be brave, even if you have to fake it.  I learned never try and use force to accomplish anything with a horse (especially a Thoroughbred), and I learned the importance of Dressage along with many, many other things in the 5 short years I owned her.  It's so weird to think I've owned Kidd as long as I had owned Molokai... Anyway, what feels like many years after I lost Molokai, I met my [now] husband.  Back then, as I galloped my x-race horse a

Nikki, my red headed, colourful roller coaster

A lot of you probably don't realize, I actually have two horses. Heck, even I forget I have 2! I know you're probably thinking, "how do you forget you have two horses?" and the reality is, she lives in a small herd in the pasture at my In Laws farm.  Nikki (AKA With No Knickers) is a retired 2001 OTTB Mare who was born and raised on my In Laws farm. A few years ago I sold her to a [relatively] local woman who was interested in getting back into Barrels. Knowing she had a small budget, I sold her to this woman on my In Laws behalf, for a whopping $500. Keep in mind, Nikki retired from racing and basically hadn't been ridden consistently in many years and while she was good to handle, she was relatively green under saddle beyond walking and trotting around.  A few years went by and I didn't think much of it; I had spoken to the new owner from time to time but despite my search for a broodmare being ongoing, Nikki never crossed my mind even though we have a love

Requested Topic: Kinesio Taping

Back from the dead perhaps?  You can blame my good friend/enabler/fellow blogger.... or reward, which ever you prefer.  Anyway, I recently taped said friends senior mare and while its something I've always been aware of, its become known due to her blog post ( ) that people are really interested in this alternative therapy option for your animals. I would like to start with a little bit of backstory on myself and how I got into Kinesio Taping (hereby referred to as K-Tape/K-Taping or just Taping), so buckle up. For some time I have been drawn to remedial therapy through so many different outlets I'm nearly certain I can't list them all.  In my day-to-day life I have always felt a deep connection to nature and strongly believe there are so many alternative therapies that are just as effective as modern medicine.  Perhaps its my inner conspiracy-theorist, perhaps its my connection