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Field Trip No. 007 | Reds & Some Blues

On Saturday, August 24th our Sport Horse Club hosted our second Jumper Jackpot of the three part series.  The Jumper Jackpots we host are a fun, laid back event with flat and over fence classes that offer points towards Year End Awards and cash payouts depending on the amount of riders in the class.  We also stuffed goody bags with horse cookies and tied them with ribbons related to the colour of ribbons typically given out.  In Canada, those are Red (first), Blue (second) and white (Third). Much like at the Hunter Training Series earlier this year, I entered Sierra and myself in the Walk Trot and Hack Divisions with the intentions of doing the W/T's and playing the Hacks by ear depending on how she behaved in the Walk/Trots.  Sierra has a history of acting a little 'extra' in show situations when one little thing bothers her, and I still haven't learned how to get things back under control and re-establish relaxation with her.  My natural instinct is always to get

Field Trip No. 006 | Birthday Shennanigans

Last weekend a good friend celebrated a birthday but given our busy lifestyles, we couldn't get our group of pony pals together any sooner, but like any good friend we went behind her back and booked the indoor privately, to ride together for 2 hours.  We all have a busy weekend of horsey-events planned so it served as a great excuse to book the arena to school before the shows and surprise her in the mean time. I will admit, I was nervous hauling into the arena as we were slotted to have 6 or 7 horses in the arena plus fences, and I had no idea how Sierra was going to react to that.  As I drove to the arena, I relived the disasters of our shows from back in March where Sierra attempted to kill me and was concerned about the two younger kids coming to join us.  The possibilities of potential injuries ran rampant through my brain, but I gave myself plenty of time considering we had a quick meeting and plan for cake before our arena booking time began. The Birthday Girl

Field Trip No. 005 | Finding A Groove

I want to preface this blog by apologizing for the lack of media - you'll quickly realize I was very busy talking, and didn't take a lot of photos. Sierra and I took Sunday off after our 4th Field Trip of the year, but come Monday I was rearing to go back to the arena as I wasn't particularly satisfied with how we ended things on Saturday.  If you missed it, on Saturday Sierra was very, very hot and worried.  We managed to end the ride on a half decent note; straddling that line of having some expectation without pushing her into a complete frenzy.  Upon dismounting and bathing, I tied her to the rails with a mash and she entertained the idea of it for about 5 minutes, picking through like a rebelling child before completely refusing to eat and occupying her time by playing her own orchestra titled "Pawing Shoes On Cement".  Oy Vey. The arena is only open from roughly 5:00 - 7:00 (or when ever staff get the evening chores done) on the week days so it of

Field Trip No. 004 | Paving The Road

In light of the subpar weather and the upcoming event (I use this term as it's not really a show), coupled with Sierra's recent attitude, I decided to haul Sierra to the local indoor today.  I will be boarding her there for a period of time this winter, and it's also where the majority of our clubs local events are held.  She has been there before, but she hasn't been there since our last show in March.   "I dun wanna" I don't feel like she's ever really had a 'good experience' there.  Both shows in March were disastrous, so I really felt the need to haul her there a few times before our event on the 24th.  I already know she's going to be a complete goober, but I want to do my best to set her up for success, and the rest is up to her.. as such, I decided to haul her in early to ride followed by a spa treatment.  I timed my trip with the least amount of distractions, knowing the arena would be worked by 8:00 AM, and horses are typi

AE Bloghop: 12 Tough Questions

Unfortunately, the skies have opened once again and the nearly dry ground is once again, excessively saturated, which means no riding today.  I do have some field trips planned for the near future, but for now, a blog hop to kill the time as the rain drizzles and drips off my tin roof - We'll start with something easy before getting into the nitty-gritty. Q1:  What hobbies do you have outside of riding? Life on a farm is very busy, and I work full time and I am also taking some courses part time as well.  In addition to riding, we raise chickens for eggs and meat, grow and harvest our own hay and crops.  We also tend a large garden and I am planning on attending some local Farmers Markets in the near future to sell eggs and some things from our garden! Q2: What is your boarding situation?  Are you happy with it? I have a 160 acre farm, but sadly given the climate it is really only conducive to seasonal riding.  Being in Northern Alberta, our winters average 7 m

Ready For Take Off

Conveniently timed with my return from holidays, we have finally received a short break in the never-ending rain that has plagued the region this 'summer'.  I use that term loosely, it's basically been October for the past two months and you might think I'm exaggerating, and I genuinely wish I was. Seriously - we had frost the other night.  My trip back home allowed me to recharge, relax and take in a lot of horsey-themed fun that reignited my motivation to get riding.  Don't for one moment think I regret my decision to spend the majority of the summer tootling around bareback because it was incredibly rewarding.  In addition, it's something I intend to work regularly into my routine for our mental health and enjoyment.  I'm the first to admit, I tend to get 'serious' very quick, and making more of an effort to 'play' is crucial to keeping things light and enjoyable, but I was eager to get home and get schooling with my girl again.