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Time Will Tell

I haven't written much about Kidd lately, and I apologize in advance for the word-vomit that's about to bless this blog.  This post will not be eloquently written or extensively proof read. For those who need a refresher, most of my last posts revolved around Kidd's soundness (or lack of) and multiple visits with the travelling Performance Horse Vet who comes to our area every 4-6 weeks to try and determine, and correct, his issue.  In recent appointments, we isolated his Hocks and Stifles as problematic areas, so we injected both.  The next month, the Vet saw him and stated he was about 75% better - which she was really excited about.  As time went on, we started having some really major behavioral issues - to the point where as soon as I would get on, he would fly backwards, spin, and/or threaten to rear.  At a loss, I consulted an Equine Osteopath, who is also an Animal Communicator.  She lives about 10 hours away, so we did a distance reading and what I got back f