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VC Blog Hop: Naivete

Coffee is life Some how I missed L's original Blog Hop on this ( link ) but I caught it when M posted her version, and I totally love the idea of this.  L's question is essentially, "What Horse Related Thing did you once believe, and later find out it's incorrect?" So before I jump into this, I feel the need to say WHY I love this question.  In the equestrian industry, we are so stuck on defending ourselves, and many of us often feel the need to be 'right'.  Besides, if someone else said it it must be true, right?  Wrong. On the contrary, I love this question because it allows us to identify with our stupidity naivete, and own our mistakes.  Just think, in another 10 years we could come back to this and probably find even more things that we once believed in, to be incorrect! ________________________________________________ I once believed That anyone who competed a higher level than me, or showed some sort of 'status' in ways of a ni

Judgement Day

Well the day has finally come - Vet day for Miss Nik! I had a feeling she was going to be a total snot based on how she behaved on Farrier Day (Sunday), so I decided to go out an hour before I planned to load her to give her 30CC of Omega Alpha Chill.  I decided to give her another mouth full as we put her on the trailer for good measure. Much to my surprise she was lovely to catch, and walked right onto the trailer.  We headed into town and had a few stops to make before our appointment. I repeatedly told my Hubby how much I hated this because last time she basically trashed my trailer..... Ok i'm being dramatic, she just frayed by trailer tie, but I didn't want her in there any longer than she had to be.  To my surprise, she stood great and was quiet through both stops. We made it to the Vet Clinic and Hubby offered to unload Nikki while I ran inside to meet the new vet and 'check in' so to speak.  One of my really close friends works there, so we chit chatt