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It's All A Little Bitter Sweet

 Winter is on the doorstep of the farm, and Sierra has been gone a month now. She has had several trials (around 10-12 if I had to guess), and at one point we thought she was sold until they backed out at the last minute.  As such, I'm now facing the fact that she may be coming home.  I'm okay with it, but her absence has shown me that unless I grow some serious balls I can't give her what she wants - which is to go fast and jump big jumps.  I think we have nearly exhausted the pool of current buyers suited to her, so I'm at a cross roads of leaving her there knowing the chances of her selling in the winter are next to none, and bringing her home.  It's all a little bitter sweet, truthfully.  I love her, but I know she's not the horse for me.  That being said, because I love her I won't just unload her on the first person who thinks she's pretty - she's particular and has the potential to really scare someone over fences and I don't want to see h