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December Analysis | January Goals + New Years Resolutions

This post will be fairly short while I focus on my bullet points below, but regardless I'm thrilled to report I absolutely crushed my December Goals, regardless of how simple they are/were.  I'm looking forward to January, which tells me my Evil Mind Tricks have been working.  January/February are notoriously brutal months weather-wise, so I'm remaining hopeful that this gloriously mild winter will maintain throughout that period, otherwise it may effect my ability to hit January's goals.   With the plan of building off this month to maintain my goal-crushing-skillz, I had to go against my desire to quadruple my December goals and remain reasonable to ensure I find success yet again. December Goals: Spend at least 2 hours in the saddle Hit 2 hours on Dec 16!  I finished the month with double my goal (about 4 hrs)! Spend at least 3 hours on the ground  (grooming, ground work, just hangin') I think I spent way more than this hangin' out,

Product Review: Horze Eclipse Dressage Bridle

I'm going to say right off the bat, this review might come across as biased but if you know me, you'll know I have an appreciate for quality tack and horse equipment, so know that this review, despite being a retailer for Horze, is my honest opinion. I came across this bridle some time ago, but the price had me questioning the quality. After Sierra broke the cheek pieces on my $400 BR Snaffle (* side eye *) this fall, I rode her in my Fancy Stitch Hunter Bridle, but I absolutely despise the reins on it.  While they look nice due to the fancy stitch near the bit, they're way too wide for my hands and call me a dressage princess, but I loathe laced reins.. So in a recent stock order I purchased two of the Horze Eclipse bridles, one for stock and one possibly for Sierra, but it sat in my stock pile for a few weeks before I decided to pull it out and try it on.  Upon arrival and unboxing, I was surprised to see there was white padding on the crown piece, but looking back a

Happy Holidays

The Eve of Christmas Day is upon us, and though I am at home in the barren bushlands of no internet, I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a glorious Holiday Season.  Whether you practice your Yule Wicca in the woods, Christmas, Hannuhka or anything else - have a fantastic Holiday and may 2019 bring your hopes and dreams a little closer.  They will not come without challenges and growing pains but without the dark we wouldnt appreciate the light.

A Resounding Feeling

While reading M's recent post , she briefly touched on a simple concept: Letting go with her inside hip/thigh on the harder direction and while most readers probably continued reading with little regard to the concept, that short sentence stopped me in my tracks as I got lost in thought.  I've blamed my trouble riding to the right on an old hip injury and Sierra being an OTTB, but blaming it on something doesn't necessarily make it easier.  For many years, I assumed because my right side is  restricted due to the old scar tissue, it was weaker and therefor harder to track to the right but for shits and giggles I thought I would play with this theory.  To rule out the later consideration of it being a fluke, I got on and rode off like normal. I walked to the left, then went across the diagonal onto the right rein, and through the short side my lovely 2x4 horse was back, where I had to drill my left leg into her ribs and thi nk of 'closing the door on the out

WW: A Year in Review

My first Wordless Wednesday (WW), and I chose to do it as a Year in Review, in order from January 2018 to Present (Dec 19 2018)