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My name is Murphy, and I practice Law!

I have officially fallen back into the 'horrible blogger' category again but hey, my life is currently filled with disappointment and frustration in all fronts it seems, so my lack of interest in publicly posting about it seems excusable at this point.  Regardless, i'm choo-choo'in away on the woe-is-me train and finally taking some time to post about the utter shenanigans that I call 'my life'. Nikki is still down south at the Stallion Owners farm.  She hasn't cycled yet, despite being there over a month now.  Upon succumbing to the stress and frustration of this 'breeding' game, I opted to take them up on their offer to take her to the Vet last Monday.  While there, they arranged a secondary appointment for today (Friday) in the event that she didn't cycle prior.  At the appointment, everything looked great and she had a roughly 20mm follicle developing.  They administered a shot of Lutalyse to help her along 'just in case', and al