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So Tired of Lemonade

Often times while i'm driving or doing other mindless tasks I come up with brilliant blog post ideas.  Lately, very few are actually related to my own life, but rather about things I would love to educate people about.  Then I take that newfound motivation and catch up on my Blog Reading, and always seem to come across something that makes me second guess my existence all that fun, deep stuff.  So, I slowly step backwards into the dark abyss I once surfaced from, and decide to, once again, complain about my own horses. How it "should" look. Luckily, I don't have *THAT* much to complain about today.  Kai's most recent wound is crap - surprise surprise.. I mean, why would things just go normally and uneventful? That's not in Kai's nature.  She loves to see me spend $400 on a bill for an emergency vet visit and sutures that don't even last a week, and naturally she would develop an infection - I mean, IT'S KAI. Luckily, things are impro

Project Gingersnap Blog Hop - "Change"

This is a perfect example of why i'm loving the blogging community. Despite being a total noob at this blog thing, I love how you can stumble across new things on a daily basis.  While sifting through the hum-drum of work on this lovely Wednesday morning, I skimmed through C's version of a blog hop, which directed me to the original post and as a result, found a new blogger to follow! I mean, who doesn't love to read about super cute ponies?! Project Gingersnap Blog Hop So the question asked is..  " Have you at some point moved on to a different horse, trainer, stable, etc with the purpose of advancing your progress? What made you realize the time was right for a change? Or did you opt to adjust your goals in order to stay with what you know is working? How did either choice work out in the long run? " Because I am new to blogging and the majority of my posts cover the ebb and flow of horse ownership as opposed to information about mysel

Frustrated Bliss

Well, just when you think things are turning around, another curve ball comes your way despite feeling like you just barely dodged the last one!  If you ever feel financially stable and need to be reminded what assholes horses can be, just ask to borrow Kai. Seriously, I would be happy to give her away. Hell, I might even pay for your fuel! Yep. She's hurt again. Not joking. On Friday, Kai decided to hell with being locked up, i'm going to bust some fence boards and get out into the large pasture with the herd.  She shared a fence line with the herd of senile old ladies and 1 kind old gent since the late winter, and she said to heck with this, i'm going exploring.  We knew she was out on Friday morning when Hubby went to feed, but she was happily grazing and everyone was getting along so we left her for now.  Kai has never been in a herd - only with 1 horse in her life - and never in a large field, so I have had reservations about turning her out with her past history of c

2018 Goals

What? Alaina, don't you think you're planning a little far in advance? Probably, but lets face it... 2017 is a complete write-off for me at this point. I have avoided doing any Blog Posts recently as I have no new media to share and words are hard.  To make it short and simple, I don't remember the last time I rode Kidd, and Kai's Seroma is slowly absorbing, but she isn't back to work yet.  She needs to go back to work soon though, as she's like a feral orangutan at this point. Oy Vey. On July 31st we took possession of our new farm and my mom ventured the 1100 KM's East from the North Coast of British Columbia to help us with the renovations, and check out our new digs.  We've been working tirelessly for nearly 2 weeks and still aren't sleeping there, but regardless we have got so much done and hope to move our bed and house hold fur-babies this weekend, with the horses to move later this month. This blog will be pretty short and sweet,