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All the best things in life are wild & free ...

I haven't blogged in a while because to be honest, there is literally nothing going on in my life right now.  I've been really busy with the typical holiday rush and I managed to catch a mexican flu courtesy of my in laws who brought the plague home from their vacation so as you can imagine, I wasn't feeling up to much.  Today was the first time I actually felt desire to be anything more than a couch potato. Unfortunately i'm currently in bed regretting it but I managed to get myself outside and be semi-useful. Kai has had about 2 weeks off as per previously mentioned and today was notably the most insane she's ever been.  Right from the get go, she was completely whacko-bananas and she had me questioning my sanity the entire session but we made it through. I brought her into the barn to tack up then I lunged her, ground drove her and untacked her in the arena to roll.  I thought she had enough exercise but following her roll in the snow she took of

Recap and Reminiscing on 2016

As I mulled over my morning coffee I found myself scrolling through Shelby's blog (which I absolutely love) and developed motivation to do a blog post.  If you haven't already seen it, check out Milestone Equine 's blog - she's incredibly inspirational.. and Canadian!  Last night, a good friend and I had a long, drawn out chat about the ebb and flow of our horsey endevours, and paired with Shelby's moving words I found myself reflecting on the challenges and accomplishments of recent years with horses.   In taking this winter off from riding it has allowed me to reset my mind, body, heart and soul.  I like to think it's doing the same for Kidd but he's just so dang cute I find myself with hearts in my eyes and a fluttering heart when I go out to the pasture to check on him and forget to take into consideration how he may be feeling (besides Hungry, because he's always Hungry even with full access to a round bale) .  For the most part he seems r

2017 Goals

With Christmas just around the corner and my ever-growing desire to get back to work with Kidd heavily weighing on me from a day to day basis, I'm caught setting plans and goals for 2017.  While initially I wanted to travel into BC to Train with some high quality instructors and show at the Gold Level, I have found myself doing a complete 180 in my plans to do so.  With the addition of Kai, and Nikki being booked in to be bred to Cherokee Country, I have decided to change my intentions and to be totally honest, I am fully okay with it.  With Ray and I saving every spare penny to buy our own farm, I can't be inconsiderate and spend unnecessary amounts of money on things that can wait.  Kidd Compete locally at First Level Confirm our Flying Changes and Half Passes School the Second Level Tests Comfortably school 2'6 +/- Courses Kai Compete at Walk/Trot Develop Relaxation & Connection in All 3 Gaits Haul Around a lot Hack Out / Trail Ride r

ASSFS Blog Hop, Location!

This blog hop was recommended to me by my good friend Cathryn from That Red Mare  and I got a little excited about it.  Not only because I literally have nothing to blog about (thank you -40C), but also because as someone new to Blogging, I too find myself to be curious about people who's blogs I stumble upon.. So thank you to A Soft Spot for Stars ! My horses are located at my in laws farm 15 minutes south of Fairview Alberta, which is located in the North Western portion of the province.  We're located amongst cattle and grain farmers, right on the side of the highway.  Fairview is a small farming town, home to roughly 5,000 residence if you include the farms on the outskirts, which make up roughly 75% of that number.  It's a very friendly, neighbourly area that I now call home.  The nearest large city is Grande Prairie, which is roughly 45 minutes - 1 hour away.  Next largest to Grande Prairie would be Edmonton, the capital of Alberta which is a short 5 hours away. 

Any Progress is Good Progress!

I have to say, at this point I think I deserve a medal not only for keeping up with my blog, but also for being a horrible employee and heading outside to work with Kai every afternoon this week thus far.  On Tuesday & Wednesday I had particularly shitty days at work and while I thought I left my frustration and lack of competence in the office but evidently I carried it with me into the arena with Kai.  It was blatantly obvious she didn't appreciate my short fuse and as a result, she got a little rattled due to the energy I brought to the session as well as my quick reactions.  A wise man once said emotions don't belong in Horse Riding and I do think it's true to an extent, but to put it simply I just wasn't in the mood to put up with her baby crap - especially on Wednesday (yesterday).  Don't get me wrong, I wasn't abusive or over the top.. but rather, it was more of a matter of "I'm not asking you twice to walk on, MOVE YOUR @$$!" lol.  Not