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New Year, New Me

At the end of December in 2018, I made a post with some  New Years Resolutions  which included the following things: SAME OLD  / Eat healthier SAME OLD  / Ditch the negativity SAME OLD / Don't do things that make me miserable for the sake of making others happy NEW  / Ride for the journey, not the ribbons NEW / Be less wasteful/Have less environmental impact NEW  / De-Clutter your life physically & emotionally NEW  / Read more Novels Truth be told, I feel like I nailed all of the "Same Old" plans.  I've lost a little weight, I look at myself and things around me with a much more positive light, and I have become more firm in standing up for myself and my own happiness and mental well-being.  I have never denied myself the foods I want, but I have been much more aware of the nutrients I put in my body and have made healthier choices.  Recently, my husband (who normally saunters out of bed after I leave for work) asked if he could get up at the same

2019 In Review

2019 has been an incredible year of growth in all aspects of my life, but the purpose of this blog is horse-stuffy, so i'm going to sink my teeth in there. Looking back, I started January 2019 with the ongoing and ever-reoccuring struggle of lack of motivation, and the guilt that it causes. I had Sierra boarded at a friends private farm that had a very small un-heated indoor with questionable footing.  As such, we were limited to w/t only because Sierra physically could not Canter in it due to the size and uneven footing, and we were forced to limit our ride times due to the weather and working in a cold indoor. I was cautious not to cause her to sweat much and although we had a heated place to tack up and untack, it wasn't conducive to our health to work hard in the frigid temperatures. I rode until an average -20, but kept sessions short and spent a fair bit of focus on walk.  Overall, I feel like we still managed to get a ton done. I feel like during that period I real