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2018 Goals

In light of recent events, combined with a brand new year peeking around the corner, I've caught myself excited for what is to come.  With frigid temperatures seeping deep into my core, my motivation has completely subsided, though my dreams and aspirations have grown and i'm excited to crush 2018. Kidd is home, and with that came an odd feeling of relief and excitement for what is to come.  The day before Kidd left on trial, I had a hole in my soul.  I truly didn't think it would come to that, but regardless I felt an uncanny pull and deep sense of regret, which only grew while he was away.  Though I am disappointed the sale did not go through, I am relieved to have him back and get training, though he isn't the only horse I have goals with. While my goals may not be as big as some, it's far more than recent years.  If 50% of them are accomplished by this time next year, I will be satisfied with myself and my horses, but knowing my unnerving desire to push

Week 3 Report

Week 3 has come and gone, and I considered skipping this blog post, but my COD (OCD in Alphabetical Order, gaaahd keep up) will twinge in the back of my head... but on that note, you can imagine it was a pretty uneventful week because the inevitable finally happened.. Kai was mysteriously hurt again. Upon discovering  her swollen hind legs on Tuesday  afternoon, I decided to  turn her loose in the arena to check for soundness.  Luckily, she was sound and after running around the swelling came down but it was still really hot.  I decided to cold hose her legs, and the swelling continued to subside. I took a risk, and didn't wrap or Bute her before turning her back out.  I was optimistic she would be 'fine' on Wednesday and was hoping it was just due to to standing around too much, or maybe too much Alfalfa.  I hung on the fact she seemed perfectly sound and 'normal', before heading home to look forward to the next day. Ughhh Unfortunately on Wednesday her

Week 2 Report

Week 2 - Trial & Error Things got a little wonky this week and once again my Monday – Friday plan kind of went out the window, and with Christmas parties and what not it continues to be a bit wonky. On top of it all, we ran into an issue that caused my weekly plans to change for the sake of Kai’s health and comfort, but regardless buckle up for another incredi bly rushed and poorly written blog post. I had to go to the arena on Sunday evening as a friend/client wanted to do a lesson.  My plan was to go in on Sunday Afternoon and bath Kai prior, but I have been feeling run down so I decided to just brush, lunge and feed her before the lesson.  She had a few days off and we have had a pretty severe weather change (warm!) as a result was feeling a little fresh.  My intention was to lunge her lightly just to stretch her legs and get her a bit of exercise, but she saw it as a great opportunity for play time. As she bucked and played, I was torn between reprimanding her or lett

Week 1 Report

Week 1 Kai has officially been at the local boarding facility for 1 week.  She kicked things off to a wonderful start by refusing to load for my husband, and subsequently missing her farrier appointment last Monday evening as a result.  I had to hold other horses at the arena for the farrier, otherwise I would have been the one loading her.  She’s troublesome in this area, because sometimes she refuses to load so I make a point of practicing, and she will walk right in… I think it stems from her desire to randomly plant her feet and refuse to move until you ‘drive’ her forward again; something she’s done since I got her. Evidently, it’s something I need to work on, and train my husband on a little more.  I will also be buying a new lunge whip strictly for the trailer, to make things easier to drive from behind while being ‘in’ the trailer.. So it’s only Day 1 and we’ve already solidified she is an independent woman who don’t need no man (literally). Great. When my grumpy