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Back At It

 If my riding this summer has been anything, it's been consistently inconsistent.  Besides the fact that we have been really busy chasing a soon-to-be toddler while trying to farm, work full time and pick away at our project upgrades, the weather has been unusual.  We've had extreme heat and we are facing severe drought which has made haying quite crappy - with our yields 1/3 or less than usual, things are tight but we are hoping to get a second cut.  In addition to the heat destroying crops, it's often been too hot to ride.  Much like our southern friends in Texas who suffered through a snow storm, we simply aren't accustomed to, or equipped, to sustain temps in the 40's (104F+). Factoringin the fact that Sierra is pregnant and doesn't need any unnecessary stress for my own gain, it hasn't been worth the risk.  We did get a moderate break in the weather, which brought insane storms and massive dumps of hail and rain, destroying more crops and gardens and re

The Road to a Foal: V's Breeding Saga Pt. 3

 I haven't posted about V in some time because I didn't have great news after I bred her in May when she caught, but then absorbed around Day 13 then didn't cycle back for some time.  I suspect she absorbed it due to her retaining some fluid that I couldn't get cleared, and unfortunately following that I ran into issue after issue for several cycles and haven't had another kick at the can since - until this past weekend! Calling all chromey fillies, please! Due to where I live, I can only get Fresh Cooled semen Wednesday - Thursday from most of the stallions I have worked with and the stallion that Vida is booked into falls into that as well.  Despite using FedEx's overnight priority shipping, it still takes roughly 50 hours to arrive to my location and the stallion owner was unable to use any other shipping option due to where she lives so it's been quite the muck-around.  Due to shipping timeline issues and despite my best efforts to time things accordingl

Road to a Foal: S's Breeding Saga Pt. 2

 When I last left off with Part 1, Sierra was freshly inseminated. I remember as a child, feeling like time had physically slowed down as I awaited something exciting - Christmas, Birthdays, Vacations, etc.  I can remember vibrating with excitement for days with anxious anticipation, but as I aged, that slowly waned.  Now as I've gotten older, that same level of excitement is there; just for different reasons.  I could barely sit on my hands long enough to await Sierra's first pregnancy check, but as days ticked by eventually the time came. Sierra double ovulated roughly 24 hours apart, but I did my first check 10 days from the first ovulation.  After what felt like searching through her uterus for hours yielding no vesicle, I hung my head and decided to try again the next day.  I wasn't feeling terribly optimistic, but knew it was still very early and I anxiously awaited my second check. Luckily, my excitement was reignited the following day, when my scan showed a small ve