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June Goals + May Analysis

May Analysis Spend at least 5 Hours in the Saddle I didn't track it exactly, but I'm certain I hit this. Ride Bareback in a  Halter at least twice I accomplished this times about 10. Hack out at least 4 times Did this! R + R + C in all 3 gaits  Due to mostly just working on our bridleless stuff, I didn't really spend a pile of time on this but it was on my brain regardless so i'll call it a win. Jump at least once I jumped three times!  I mean, I just popped over an ex that was set up in my arena, but still. ___________________________ PEMF Appointment #1 (2019) Done May 3rd Pentosan Injection #3 Done May 22nd Overall, May was kind of a bust. I mean I hit all my goals, but they were seriously Basic B!tch status and considering Sierra spent 2 weeks of the month being lame, I need to raise my bar a bit.  Really, the last two months have been crappy in terms of riding, but i'm hoping to get back on track.  I'll be riding two horses for at least

All Good Things Must Come To An End

It's no secret that since our first horse show in March, my relationship with Sierra has been rocky.  She did a 180 in one day, and I have been trying to figure her out ever since.  Her recent injury set us back in terms of riding, and our first ride back ended distastefully, to say the least.  Sierra is back out in the pasture now, but seems to have pushed her luck with the herd boss and upon catching her to try and seek redemption today, I discovered a literal hoof impression on her back which, given the location, ruled out even riding bareback.  I brought her into the barn to give her a brush, and decided to take advice from a friend and take her for a hand walk through the Rye field which leads to my trails that I would love to visit at least weekly if we can get past these recent humps in our relationship. In addition to Sierra being back to work for one whole day, Kidd is back in work and seems to be perfectly sound and happy after his time off!  I've faced some

25 Questions

As things are fairly slow and lacklustre in my horsey-life right now, I decided to take a page out of L's boat and answering 25 questions that were sourced from a page on Tumblr . 1. What is the first thing you do when you get to the barn? This is a little tough because I live on a farm where my horses are at home.. but looking at the question literally, the first thing I do varies on what i'm doing.  If Sierra is locked up in a paddock, I will often grab some treats and haul my grooming tote and tack outside if it's nice.  Alternatively, if it's poor weather or incredibly hot, I will grab my halter and bring her inside to the cross ties.  If Sierra is in a paddock, I very rarely halter her to groom/tack up. 2. Is their a breed that you would never own? I don't typically say "never", but the chances of me owning something gaited like a TWH or Icelandic are very slim. 3. Describe your last ride? My last ride was lovel

Diaries of an Injured Moose & a Cute Filly

Sierra finally drove me nuts enough to kick her out into the pasture and within a week she had injured herself.  In natural mare fashion, she was stoic as heck and didn't show any lameness.  Admittedly, I didn't even find it until after I rode because I just gave her a super quick brush because we were pressed for time.  Once discovering it, I decided to give her time off to heal.  It didn't hit anything of importance luckily, but I want to stay on top of it's healing. She's locked back up in a paddock and the wound itself is about 60% healed but we're still dealing with some swelling.  Life has been absolute insanity lately so I am very behind in blog land, so here's a quiet Friday post to keep things moving until I have some decent content to share. I swear she's taking her time healing because she's loving all the extra snuggles and hand grazing Our last ride before discovering the injury A lovely hole .. 05/23/19 -

April Analysis + May Goals

I won't lie, April was a very slow month for a variety of reasons, but that being said while I didn't reach many of my goals, I did make a point of doing some different things that I really, really enjoyed. Spend at least 4 Hrs in the Saddle I think I was about 2 Hours Total Spend at least 30 Min w/o Stirrups Assuming bareback counts, I nailed this because I rode bareback all month Get out of the arena at least 3 times I ended up taking Sierra home early in April, so every ride was outdoors but other than a short wander down the road, I didn't hack out at all. Continue to develop the R + R + C in W & T Given that I was riding bareback, I didn't really work on any of this Continue to correct the unevenness in the reins Also did not do this Do more ground work yielding front + hind quarters I definitely did a fair bit of ground work Do at least 1 fun and 'out of the ordinary' thing We definitely did this! ------------------------------------