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Elite Three Review Pt. 2 - Cost Comparison

As many of you know, I used to feed two common products but when Sierra began to drop condition, I switched her to Elite Three . I really wasn't sure what to expect, but in a short period of time she began to pick up in condition and I was sold on the product.  I have been loosely tracking what I spend (vs what I spent previously), and was shocked at the results, so much so I had to share!  Before reading further, please keep in mind this is in no way a 'bash' to what I was feeding before - every single one of my horses looked absolutely fabulous on it, however it did not work well for Sierra.  Due to my findings as outlined below, I have since switched all my horses to the E3 program with the exception of my hubby's OTTB gelding still being on Canpressco. Often I hear people say "E3 is so expensive" and you're NOT wrong.. but the difference is how long it lasts.  While it's expensive up-front (when I do a feed run it's usually at least $200,