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Learning Sierra - June Clinic

I've officially owned Sierra 10 days and so far, i'm really happy with her.  It still hurts my heart to glance out to the field and see Kidd, but he's happy out with the herd on the pasture.  When they get galloping, he struggles to keep up and looks a little sore, and that affirms that I have made the right decision, though I don't know if it will ever stop hurting. Last week, we had sporadic weather, but mostly excessive amounts of rain that left me with an arena better suited to mud wrestling.  As such, I took the opportunity to do some short, light hacks down the road.  While she had a few days where she was a little sassier than usual, it's really nice having a horse that I can mount who won't move a muscle, waits to be asked to walk off, and walks off with a relaxed back (for the most part).  Kidd encouraged a lot of fear in those initial 5 minutes of getting on as he was incredibly cold backed and once I was on, didn't like to stand still.  Sierr

The End of an Era Leads To New Adventures

Following my last post , after countless sleepless hours, I have reached the decision to semi-retire Kidd.  While the last set of injections helped immensely, I have concluded that my moral compass simply will not allow me to prolong the inevitable for the sake of ribbons on a horse who trots a 3.5 or worse on a flexion without injections in full effect.  His last appointment showed bone spurs where the ligaments attach for his stifle, essentially causing a 'sawing' action with every step he takes.  Kidd is a fabulous partner who's heart and enthusiasm outshone any formal piece of paper boasting big name horses, and he's been a fierce competitor, however I ultimately owe so much to my little red sports car that I can't bring myself to push him in the pursuit of reaching new levels. I'm irrevocably heartbroken, but Kidd will remain in my care until he's no longer comfortable.  While there's no time line, I hope to pleasure ride him for as long as his