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Welcome To The World

I've been seriously absent in the blogosphere lately, but for good reason!  Vida foaled!! I took Vida, my 2009 JC mare who was slated to be a FEI Eventer but sustained an injury, to my in laws to foal out a few weeks ago.  My in laws breed race horses and have been at it several decades, so I felt most comfortable with watchful, experienced eyes on site when the time comes, and though things went relatively smoothly, I'm glad I did. I'm sure everyone just wants to see the adorable photos so I will save you the long story of the days leading up to the big event, and without further delay, welcome to blog-land you sassy red head!  Her barn name is "Amara" (Ah-Marr-Ahh), and will be registered KWPN-NA as Ostara BRR (BRR = Brookside Range Ranch is our farm name).  Ostara is the wicca Goddess of spring.   Amara was born at 2AM on Friday, April 19th.  She has a big blaze, white bottom lip, one big stocking and when she was wet when she was born it looked as

Field Trip No. 003 | HTS II: Working The Steps

On March 30, the local Sport Horse Club that I am the president of, hosted our second Hunter Training Series Show, "HTS II".  Many of you probably recall the first show  ("HTS I"), which was pretty fucking terrible.  I was very torn on going to the second show as my rides since the first show were very sub par and quite disappointing to say the least, but I had determined that if I could clear my head and go into it open minded, I would go for another schooling opportunity.. and I literally left it to the last possible minute to decide. I was feeling overwhelmed when my truck was broken down and the parts arrived late, so until roughly 2:30 PM on Friday afternoon, I had no idea if I was even going to be able to haul Sierra to the arena for the show. I concluded if I couldn't haul her in on Friday and stall overnight I wouldn't take her, as I am far too busy running the show to haul her in the day of.. but alas the parts arrived, my hubby came thru and

March Analysis + April Goals

All things considered, I feel like March was a fairly successful month!  We had some decent wins, some significant losses, a few harsh realities and we learned a heck of a lot. March Goals, Spend at least 30 Minutes w/o Stirrups I hit this! Get out of the Arena when Weather permits  We went on several short hacks until the moisture softened Sierras feet too much and she became too sensitive on the gravel. Spend at least 4 Hours in the Saddle I got a new phone and Equilab isn't compatible on my new one, but using the stop watch I still timed myself, and despite giving Sierra a week off plus only riding an average of 2-3x per week, I still managed to nail this.  Between schooling rides and two shows, we were closer to 8 hours. Continue to improve my aids and positioning while tracking right I'm feeling significantly stronger and more capable when tracking to the right.. Between being more aware, and doing Pilates, I think it's really paying off but will likely alwa