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An update from an igloo, somewhere north of the boarder.

Where to begin... Many things in my life may be changing and i'm reluctant to announce them just yet, so I will start with a Kai update, followed by some vague statements. When I last wrote, Kai and I had enjoyed 5 fabulous rides together, followed by a Chiropractor appointment.  We learned her entire body was locked in a curve to the left, and her SI's were incredibly 'out' and sore.  She was miserable during the adjustment, which has been the case for every Chiropractor appointment she has had thus far.  A week later, I had a beautiful soul who we will call "L" come out and work on Kai.  I have issues with my lower back, and whatever voodo magic she does to it works WONDERS and doesn't even hold a candle to anything else I have had done (Chiro, Acupuncture, etc) and she works on horses as well. I've never had her work on a horse, and now i'm wondering why I haven't utilized her for my horses in the past.  If you get the heebeegeebee'