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Straight Forward

Unlike Kidd and Kai, Sierra has been fabulous to own in the sense that she’s very easy on her body.Knock on Wood, but Sierra has yet to injure herself.Additionally, we have seen an Osteopath once and she was shocked at how structurally and muscually (I don’t think that’s a word) balanced she was, “especially for an OTTB and a Jumper” as she put it.Since then, I have done PEMF on her once just as a ‘just cause’, but that’s about it.Given our slowly developing Canter issues, and my absolute love for this darn mare, I decided to invest a little bit of money to rule things some things out before I lay the boots to her and tell her to get over it.On this list of priorities, there is the usual.. Structural Concerns, Teeth and Saddle Fit... you know, pain!While I don’t necessarily believe in babying horses, I do recognize they’re athletes and at any point can hit the ‘eject’ button, so I feel it’s my job as both their rider and primary caretaker to ensure they’re feeling the best they can in…

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