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What's in a blog | A tale of Evolution(?)

 Over the years this blog has taken several turns; some methodically planned, others unexpected.  This blog was started as a means of tracking my own riding journey. I didn't expect followers but rather, intended to treat it more like a journal of sorts. I thought perhaps if someone stumbled across it and they took solace in reading about my own struggles and victories, that was okay too. I used to hand write all my training adventures down after each day, but it was time consuming and made my hand cramp over time, so I began leaving out pertinent information for sake of getting it over with. It clearly wasn't working, and I decided to type it all instead but became concerned that it would all be for nothing if my computer crashed and I lost it all.  We have access to this wonderful thing called the Internet, so I decided to post it publicly, and subject myself to the trolls and their unsolicited opinions. I'm not your off-the-shelf equestrian, and I thought if 1 person saw

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