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Secret Santa Update

Thank You to everyone who signed up! I decided to sit this one out, but everyone else has had their info emailed to them! Happy Holidays!
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Unfortunately due to low enrollment I'm going to extend the deadline to NOVEMBER 14. If we don't get a few more I will likely just cancel for this year, so please share with your fellow bloggers so we can make this run!!

2021 Recap

 I'm doing my Annual Recap early because, well, my horsey-year is over. Between not taking advantage of the re-opening local indoor this year due to time and financial constraints, and Sierra being pregnant, I'm taking a good hiatus from the saddle. I still hope to get my boots dirty from time to time on some of our other horses, but with winter looming in the not-so-far distance, I don't forsee much time being spent on the back of a horse in the near future. While it gives me a strange sense of desire, it also brings an odd relief.  I ended my season on a high, and I'm so incredibly glad I did.  Thinking back to roughly this time last year, Sierra had just gotten home from she-who-should-not-be-named, and I found my recently post-partumed ass chucked in a snowbank amid frozen ground.  She was wound so tight, full of ulcers and half lame whilst I was confused, upset and disappointed in myself for the situation I found myself in.  Once we got her back on the road to bett

2021 Blogger Secret Santa

Many people missed the Blogger Secret Santa that I hosted last year after speaking with The Printable Pony, our fearless leader in festive fun for the past several years, and in an effort to not step on her toes again I reached out again but sadly didn't receive a response. I'm going to assume she's no longer able to host the Secret Santa (lets face it, she's way better at it than me so wahhh!!) so I'll give it a whirl again because it's so fun! PLEASE SHARE THIS! If you're blogging, post a link in your blog even if it doesn't apply, send to friends, make a special blog post with a link, and so on!  The more people that participate, the better! Last year the cut-off was November 20th and many gifts were still sent/received very late, so I'm going to make the cut off November 10th and hopefully that helps!   I am hoping to get everyone the information for their draw within a few days following the deadline to allow for ample time to research, shop and

1 Week of Fiona

We brought Fiona home a week ago and unfortunately I have been crazy busy and not able to spend a ton of time with her.  Regardless, we've picked away at establishing a relationship and I'm honestly waiting for the other shoe to drop. This mare is incredible. Seriously, how did she just fall into my lap?! As previously mentioned , Fiona sustained a pasture injury and they chose to breed her after receiving a 70% prognosis for full recovery.  She was sold to me as appearing sound in the pasture, but given that I didn't purchase her to be a riding horse I wasn't entirely worried about her soundness and didn't give it much thought.  To be honest, I hadn't even really seen her trot before I bought her - lol!  I saw a short jumping clip (below), and a video of her trotting with her foal, wherein her foal was at her side, so I really couldn't see her, and that was it. Now that she's home, she's in a small paddock quarantining before she meets my herd.  I h

New Face In The Barn

While my last attempt at acquiring a new broodmare was a total bust as I decided I wasn't comfortable with her condition or her suitability to broodmareship, my casual search continued from time to time (when I remembered).  Unfortunately after working to get the last mare healthy then subsequently deciding to exercise the buy-back agreement with the seller and 'eating' the costs of my inputs, plus a trying year of breeding and V never ending up catching, my horsey fund was seriously depleted, as was my hopes of adding a mare to my program for the 2022 season. On a whim, I came across a mare I liked the looks of, but her ad had no price listed.  I wasn't really sure what to expect, but was fairly confident it would be well above my measly budget, which fell in the southern region of 4 figures.  Regardless, I figured it didn't hurt to start a conversation, and one of the first things the seller said was that a good home was their #1 priority.  As the conversation wen