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What I Know About Kai - Update

Months ago I did a post or two regarding "Things I Have Learned About Kai", and as we reach our 6 Month Anniversary (seriously, wtf?!) I thought we were due for an updated version. She doesn't enjoy things being sprayed on her, but has improved immensely in just 3 - 4 days of requiring bug spray She hadn't ever pulled back until two days ago where she decided to do it twice. I think it's safe to say she taught herself a lesson! We're struggling with SI Alignment issues and are seeing a new Chiro this Friday and hopefully find more success She's not that easy of a keeper, but I think we're on a feed plan that is really helping She seems to stay quite dark, even in her summer coat (yay!) She really struggles to the right, but has developed balance incredibly fast in the past week of going into 'full work' She lacks stamina and natural drive; once she decides shes tired - often before even breaking much of a sweat - she takes every

Sweet As Sugar

Despite my life feeling entirely upside down, I have actually been back to working regularly with Queen Kai.  I was having some doubts and wondered if she and I were meshing, as her attitude was growing yet again, and she seemed to become overly sensitive in the process, which had me scratching my head.... As well, I have been dealing with trying to put weight on her, and I'm trying to find that happy balance of adding more calories without necessarily adding more energy..  For the time being, I simply upped her pelleted feed from half a scoop of Masterfeeds Podium, to a full scoop.  I also decided to try adding Aloe Vera to her ration after hearing from a lot of  people, especially OTTB owners, how they had such fantastic success for sensitive tummies!  I was in the city for work earlier this week, so I decided to stop at Wal Mart and pick some up as I had heard it was the cheapest place to get it. So I bought 2 large jugs and I was on my way. Ironically, that night I saw a