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Back & Forth

Since Kidd’s Vet Appointment, things haven’t progressed much. Unfortunately in the days following the appointment, he contracted the same cold that’s reeked havoc on the boarded horses. Luckily it’s just a standard cold, but it’s been a particularly lengthy one.  As he’s been off work, he’s been packing on the pounds so I have been giving him short lunge sessions towards the end of the cold’s course.  Earlier in the week I decided to hop on him as he wasn’t coughing when I lunged him, and his nose stopped running a few days prior, however once I got on and put him on the aids he began coughing so I chose to spend 10 minutes walking some squares before calling it a day.  Even though a lot of the symptoms weren’t evident anymore, clearly he’s still not back to normal.  As a result, I decided to give him the rest of the week off and will start fresh with riding on Monday. Get off me wo-man. This past week I have still got him some exercise when I could, and had him chiropractored. 

Kidd's Vet Appointment - January 10, 2018

It has been nearly 1 week since Kidd saw the travelling Vet who specializes in High Performance Horses, and I think I have finally gathered my thoughts.  For years I have wanted to do a preliminary Lameness Exam, as despite being a fantastic partner and fierce competitor, as a 4 year old an Osteopath felt he had one stifle significantly weaker than the other.  2 years ago we had bolting problems on the right rein, and he has become increasingly more one-sided.  Additionally, when going 'straight' he wants to carry his hindquarters to the right.  Ironically, a handful of days before the Vet appointment, which I booked weeks ago, Kidd stumbled (hard) two days in a row. Once under saddle (where project Eject Alaina took place) and then the next day on the lunge line.  Whether it was relative or not, I don't know at this stage but regardless we did go through a lengthy Lameness Exam which turned up some disappointing but not overly surprising results. We began with a gener

Hero to Zero

On Sunday, January 6 th I booked my very first saddle fiting appointment.  We started with my Dressage Saddle (Zaldi Kira Klass).  I had noticed it was fitting wider/lower in the front, which triggered my desire to do a fitting.  I’d never done a saddle fitting in the past, so it was really interesting to go through it all.  I think I’m well versed enough to note the obvious things in life, but I got a lot out of the appointment.  First we started with an overview of Kidd’s current body condition and muscling (or lack of), and she also checked for any structural irregularities, soreness or tension.  We didn’t find much in that regard, and we pulled out my Dressage Saddle to get a closer look.  The initial impression was as I discovered; and we decided rather than press the tree, we would play with the flocking.  We also discussed that though my saddle is a little long for Kidd’s short back, it is the unfortunate nature of the beast considering I have been ‘blessed’ in the booty depar

A Week on Cloud 9

As I succumbed to the overwhelming feelings of success and pure joy seizing my life, I found myself lost in a trance of complete tranquility last week.  Kidd is back in my life after a near-miss of re-homing him, and I couldn't be happier.  He's at the barn on inside board, looking fabulous and seems genuinely stoked to be back to work.  Last week I felt as though I floated on a cloud comprised of sheer bliss; a true high I couldn't even begin to describe.   Tuesday was my first ride back on Kidd and while it certainly wasn't worthy of ribbons, I think I smiled the entire ride.  It was painfully apparent how out of shape I have become, but I didn't care and honestly I don't think he did either.  I left the barn eager for more. Wednesday I decided to skip the barn and just go home, because I was feeling terribly ill and couldn't imagine bouncing around would make myself feel any better. Not to mention, i'm sure I wouldn't do Kidd any justice ridin

1st Quarter Goals

I love what M from A Enter Spooking is doing with her Quarterly Reports/Goals as it keeps me motivated to keep moving forward and it keeps goals feeling more attainable.  While I did a post on my prospective 2018 Goals in General, I love that Quarterly posts can give me more freedom and flexibility in setting attainable goals, while continuing to move forward with training.  It also keeps me actively blogging, something I tend to lack on. Kidd is home from his [failed] trial and is now at the local boarding facility. I rode him last night for the first time and ghad.. I missed that horse.  It was certainly not a record setting ride by any means, and our lack of fitness was painfully apparent, but I was beaming from start to finish.  How could I even consider selling this guy?! Anyway, moving forward I plan to board Kidd for Jan/Feb and possibly take him home for March, weather pending.  The indoor board that he’s forced to be on due to the lady who took him on trial