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Diaries of an Injured Moose & a Cute Filly

Sierra finally drove me nuts enough to kick her out into the pasture and within a week she had injured herself.  In natural mare fashion, she was stoic as heck and didn't show any lameness.  Admittedly, I didn't even find it until after I rode because I just gave her a super quick brush because we were pressed for time.  Once discovering it, I decided to give her time off to heal.  It didn't hit anything of importance luckily, but I want to stay on top of it's healing. She's locked back up in a paddock and the wound itself is about 60% healed but we're still dealing with some swelling.  Life has been absolute insanity lately so I am very behind in blog land, so here's a quiet Friday post to keep things moving until I have some decent content to share.

I swear she's taking her time healing because she's loving all the extra snuggles and hand grazing

Our last ride before discovering the injury

A lovely hole ..

05/23/19 - The 'hole' is gone and it's just a surface wound now, but we are still dealing with some swelling and hair loss

Looking fantastic but would still like to see more weight on her

Falling asleep after her first trailer ride to town for her mama to be re bred for a full sibling


  1. Sidelining injuries suck! Hope she heals quickly and completely.


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