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2021 Goals

 2020 was, in so many ways, a fabulous year for me.  You read that right.  It brought me my daughter, and a clearer vision of many people in my life who I temporarily saw through rose coloured glasses.  I was blessed to work in a position that the lockdown essentially had me on an extended Mat Leave with full pay, because we began working from home in March and I, truthfully, had very little work to do due to having no classes in session as I work for the local College.  It also granted me the freedom to help my In-laws in their office, and they also kep tme very busy in the barn while they tried to get their mare bred and I was often Ultrasounding up to 5 mares a day for nearly 3 months straight all whilst being very pregnant.  When I went on official Mat leave in July, it felt like an easy transition.  As Eowynns birth date approached, I spent most of my summer with my feet up eating a disgusting amount of Watermelon (cravings, mkay?), nestled in the safety of my own farm.  Since her birth, I was able to visit with my family twice despite the current global affairs, and I am grateful for an entire year of Maternity leave which is more than I can say for many friends stateside.  I also re-kindled my appreciation for Knitting; a skill I laid to rest about 20 years ago which has kept me busy in the evenings.  Regardless, while once again I wouldn't wish this Pandemic on anyone, I came out relatively unscathed compared to many others and for that, I feel incredibly blessed.

No one knows what 2021 will bring, but I've decided to set a few goals anyway.  I always start the new year with the best of intentions that rarely seem to come to fruition - I'm notoriously great at getting caught up in things and lets face it - in a year, a lot of things can come up that may effect the fairytale goals that were set while I was feeling hopelessly optimistic. But hey, screw New Year, New Me - why change now?!

I've set a lot, but we shall see what the new year brings.  Without further ado, behold my 2021 Goals ...


- Keep my kid and husband alive and happy

- Not have a complete mental breakdown about returning to work in August

- Create a grand scheme to be able to work from home in the next 5 years

- Get my damn finances in order

- Implement more appropriate financial habits

- Read more, because since Eowynn was born I fell off the wagon and got sucked into the Netflix vortex

 - Find the joy in every moment, even the ones that feel devastating

- Continue working to take a step back and a deep breath when things feel too heavy

- Use my Camera more, and maybe book some photo shoots again

- Trust my judgement more, especially when it comes to people 

- Keep the garden weeded


- Complete my first AI (Bonus Points: successfully)

- Survive the breeding season with better outcomes than 2020 brought

- Spend at least 50 hours in the saddle (keeping in mind, I'm currently riding seasonally)

- Jump more, ya pansy!

- Ride other horses like King and Banker

- Find a balance and variation in and out of the ring; in and out of the saddle


- Finish at least one side of the stalls

- Get all the hay off in good shape

- Build some new shelters

- Improve the functionality of the barn

- Build new tack/feed room

- Finish the fencing projects we started in 2020

- Re-finish the solid wall in the cross ties

- Continue to improve the arena footing

Here's to an adventurous 2021!


  1. Good goals. I will set some up too. How is King and his weight gaining project?

    1. It's coming! I really should make another post about it - thanks for the reminder!

  2. Great goals! I hope you are able to achieve it all


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