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Q1 Review

Well Q1 is coming to a close, and it's been a bit of a 'different' quarter given that Sierra was gone for the majority of it, however it was exciting none-the-less.  Shortly after we rang in 2020, Sierra ventured south to my trainers for an undetermined amount of time due to poor weather.  Eventually, my funds limited the adventure and Sierra came home at the beginning of March.

While Sierra was away, I spent most of my time living through the woes of the first trimester of pregnancy.  I was very nauseous (but rarely puking, which I honestly think may have been worse) and exhausted.  I've struggled in the front row of the body image adjustments as my body changed in ways I couldn't control.  Towards the end, my hips began to loosen which felt really weird, and the headaches have been incapacitating at times.  Luckily, that is * mostly * behind me now, and Sierra is home and we are getting back into the swing of things!  The headaches and congestion still plague me, but for the most part I can push through it.

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Sierra spent about 2 months down with CA and underwent vigorous training during her stay.  She was ridden 6 days a week, and CA did some incredible work with her.  She came back very fit, strong, forward and straight - all great things!  We rounded out Q1 with a clinic with CA, and in the wake of COVID-19 all events (including shows, clinics, etc) have been cancelled so the show we had on our radar next month is no longer going to be an option.   In addition, the barn is now closed to haul-ins and is only open to boarder traffic for the foreseeable future and I am now working from home for the forseeable future.  As a result, I chose to bring Sierra home last weekend after she got her feet done.  Given the current weather (it's still hovering around -20C at night) and the snow load, I don't foresee a ton of schooling in our near future, but hopefully we will hit the roads and get some miles logged.  Unfortunately Sierra is currently injured and we're slotted for one last (hopefully) blast of winter so I don't forsee much happening in the way of expenses or riding for the next week or two, so i'm releasing this Q1 Review a little early.

Q1 Budget

Memberships: $50.00
Board: $1,140.30
Farrier: $375.00
Horse Shows; $585.00 
Travel (Return Only): $472.50
Feed: $85.00
Lessons: $250.00
Training: $200.00
Body Work: $85.00
Total in Q1: $3,242.80

Prior to Jan 1st I also paid the following in in respect to pre-paying some January expenses

Training: $800
Travel: $450
Total: $1,250.00

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Thank you for reading - I genuinely enjoy reading your comments :) 


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