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March Analysis + April Goals

All things considered, I feel like March was a fairly successful month!  We had some decent wins, some significant losses, a few harsh realities and we learned a heck of a lot.

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March Goals,
  • Spend at least 30 Minutes w/o Stirrups
    I hit this!
  • Get out of the Arena when Weather permits 
    We went on several short hacks until the moisture softened Sierras feet too much and she became too sensitive on the gravel.
  • Spend at least 4 Hours in the Saddle
    I got a new phone and Equilab isn't compatible on my new one, but using the stop watch I still timed myself, and despite giving Sierra a week off plus only riding an average of 2-3x per week, I still managed to nail this.  Between schooling rides and two shows, we were closer to 8 hours.
  • Continue to improve my aids and positioning while tracking right
    I'm feeling significantly stronger and more capable when tracking to the right.. Between being more aware, and doing Pilates, I think it's really paying off but will likely always be a struggle.
  • Continue to develop the R+R+C
    The first horse show on March 2nd really threw a wrench into this; something that I thought was coming along very well.  We had to go back a little bit and work on some pot holes in the training, and re-establish the Relaxation.  It's a work in progress, but it's coming... I think this might be an ongoing thing that comes and goes, but i'm calling it a win as we found it, lost it, and found it again.
  • Continue to develop a correct stretch in W & T
    I didn't spend a ton of time in this early in the month, but I've recently discovered giving Sierra a solid 10-15 min of walking on a semi loose rein is the key to developing her relaxation for that ride, so the last portion of March, we spent a lot of time working here both in the walk and trot.
  • Ride in HTS I (March 2) 
    Did it! Almost died, but we did the thing!
  • Ride in HTS II (March 30)
    Did it!  Recap to come...

  • Go to all the pre-booked Pilates Classes (6 in total)
    Boo I skipped two due to my Acid Reflux being god-damn awful.
  • Pentosan Injection  
    Administered March 21
  • Vet Appointment
    Teeth & Annual Vaccinations, March 19
  • Farrier Appointment
  • Trim, March 11

April Goals,

I'm being, once again, conservative for April because I'm going to take Sierra home either on the 2nd or 3rd weekend of the month and unless my arena is totally dry I foresee a lot of days off.  I hope to get out for lots of road hacks once she's home but evidently I can't do much until Sierra is shod on April 27th, so that doesn't help me much for April unless Sierra's feet harden up.. I want the rest of this spring to be about having fun after 5 months of straight ring work, so my goals reflect that. In addition, I anticipate Vida foaling by the end of April, so that will consume a lot of my time and energy I'm sure.

  • Spend at least 4 Hrs in the Saddle
  • Spend at least 30 Min w/o Stirrups
  • Get out of the arena at least 3 times
  • Continue to develop the R + R + C in W & T
  • Continue to correct the unevenness in the reins
  • Do more ground work yielding front + hind quarters
  • Do at least 1 fun and 'out of the ordinary' thing
  • Omeprazole Treatment
    To start once I bring Sierra home
  • Farrier Appointment
    Shoes, April 27
  • REMT Appointment #4
    April 6
  • Saddle Fit #2
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