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Throwback Thursday: A Queen in the Making

 This felt warranted, and it served as a good purpose to remind myself why I love this stupid horse, even if others see her as a dirty and untrustworthy mare because in 3.5 years she got me off.  I'm no stranger to people who don't understand my unexplainable love for Sierra, and I have made peace with the fact that she is very few peoples cup o' tea. That being said, it still occasionally takes me aback when people question my relationship with her, or my sanity if nothing else, but we truly have a remarkable bond where the language between us is nearly non-existent and more often than not, it's like we can read each others minds.  Like an old married couple better off together than apart, we occasionally disagree or get blindsided and hurt by the other.  I intend that entirely without the 'woo'; this isn't a book or a movie and I understand she's an animal and I'm a human but more often than not we are very in-tune with one another.  

Did she buck me off? Sure did and as I said when it happened - I deserved it.  Would it be permissible a second time? Absolutely not. Do I still trust her? Entirely.  Do people get bucked off every day and carry on up the jungle? Absolutely.  

I don't believe in a dictatorship - they very rarely go over well with a TB in anyway - and I take her emotions into consideration with everything I do (within reason).  In the past, I've been accused of being too humble for my own good and perhaps that's usually true but in this case, I can honestly say I don't know of many people who can ride her as well as I can.  Besides the fact that, believe it or not I am an accomplished rider and trainer, but more than that, I 'get' her.  In Sierra's case, it's probably a good thing because I don't how how many people would grow to appreciate, nor tolerate, her quirks that are fueled by previously sh!tty training and care, plus natural tendencies to just be a Thoroughbred through n' through. Lucky for her, Thoroughbreds run in my blood, and I live and breath them with a burning passion.

Truth be told, although she's one hot mama under saddle at times, she is the most reliable and trustworthy horse on my farm, * especially * on the ground.  That sounds rather funny when you consider the fact that I have two kid-safe schoolmasters here; but both are half feral at this point and absolute dingus' on the ground when they aren't in work. Sierra's probably the only horse on my farm that I currently trust around Eowynn, and at the end of the day I don't need to justify my decisions that affect myself, my family or relationship with her but alas, here we are and it seems I needed just as much reminding myself.

In no particular order, enjoy some throwbacks for Throwback Thursday that I surfed through during nap time, enjoying the gentle reminder of what a special soul she is, and how much joy she brings me amidst the stress.  This was actually sort of fun to put together and look back on how far we've come.  We may not be anywhere near where I want to be, but we'll get back there - I have no doubt!

(When I first got her)


  1. beautiful pics! the heart knows what the heart wants ❤️


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