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Public Request: Hoof Supplements

 Alright blogosphere, I need your help.  In the past I had fed straight Biotin but the vet no longer carries what I was feeding previously, and the only option now is three times the price.  As you may have noticed in previous posts, Sierra has a honkin' crack in her hoof from an old abscess and while she's already on high quality feed, I don't really know what else to do for her besides ... more?  I know lots of people who have used Farriers Formula but it's very pricey here (maybe everywhere?) for how much you have to feed, and I'm not sure I want to go that route.

I've ordered "Farriers Choice" as per a friends rave review, and in speaking to my farrier he suggested Farriers Formula, Farriers Choice or just straight Biotin, but all options are quite expensive.  Biotin is far more economical in comparison in the long run, but I'm interested in other suggestions to better weigh my options.  I'd been pondering the fact that in the past 1.5 years Sierra's foot quality has declined - she used to have exceptional feet for a TB and now they seem thin, brittle and sensitive.  In hindsight, she was on Biotin up until about 1.5 years ago.  I'll give the Farriers Choice a try, but may wind up going back to Biotin if I can't find another economical option.  In the mean time, I've doubled up on her mineral powder as well.

Obviously, whatever I end up using has to be available in Canada - bonus points if it's economical enough to feed to 7+ horses but that's not a deal breaker, as she's my main priority.

Thoughts? Comments? Hit me with your tried n' true favorites.


  1. I have my girls on California Trace Plus (as their mineral supplement) and added Hoof Secret 1 scoop per day (Cox Laboratory) - and I have seen a HUGE difference in hoof growth and quality. Both are economical and good quality for your $$!

    1. PS. and one is an OTTB and the other is a half-TB, so we can always use hoof help ;)

    2. Thanks so much, i'll be sure to check it out!!!

  2. Mad barn sells straight biotin amd delivery is free.

    1. Oh gosh that's PERFECT!!! Literally half the price as the vet office for the same amount, too. I always seem to forget about Mad Barn!

  3. I live in Ontario and have had my mare on Purina BMZ for coat & hooves. I have noticed a difference with her feet. It cost me around $46.00 for a 3kg bag and she gets the full daily dose once a day unlike the 2 feedings per day as suggested.


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