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Blogger Secret Santa

2019 was the first year that I had my poop in enough of a group to participate in the Blogger Secret Santa, graciously organized by The Printable Pony.  Every year since I began blogging I managed to forget, then remember by the time it was too late! This year I was anxiously waiting for the call to be made, and I was so excited to be apart of things!

My 2019 Blogger Secret Santa was The Cob Jockey, and I didn't follow her previously so in addition to the incredible gifts she sent, I got to find a new blog to follow!  

When I recieved the package, I instantly felt a ping of guilt when I saw that it was coming from the US - I imagine shipping (coordination, cost, etc) wasn't ideal so I am so grateful to my Santa!  Naturally, I was eagerly and not with disappointment expecting a small gift like a packet of cookies due to the shipping costs.  Regardless, I was just excited to be apart of things!

Much to my surprise, the box was full to the brim with incredible gifts!

My husband was very intrigued so he read the card aloud as I unexpected the generous gifts which included candy canes and horse cookies (Sierra says THANK YOU, my human only gives me like 1500 treats a day and that is not sufficient!), home made sea salt caramels which are TO. DIE. FOR. Seriously, they might have all been gone within 10 minutes... And last but not least, a gorgeous Rambo saddle pad! #spoiled!

I giggled at the card, which read something to the effect of "from one dressage rider to another, you can never have enough dark saddle pads" as I hadn't noticed prior, but with the exception of the navy blue Ogylvy that my saddle fitter recently gave me, the darkest colour pad I own is Burgundy * oops *... Which means I now have black in our wardrobe and can begin building the army of dark coloured pads!

Thank you so much to the Cob Jockey for these thoughtful, incredible gifts!  Sierra and I sincerely appreciate it!


  1. Yay, I'm so glad it got there! I always get worried that things will get held up in customs. Glad you liked it :) Merry Christmas!

    Oh PS, funny story, it was wrapped in the pink paper because I wanted to reuse that box, which an eBay purchase had come in, but USPS refused to ship it any other way except priority because it was a Priority Mail box, which was a ridiculous amount of money. So I took it home, wrapped it in paper, brought it back and shipped it for half the cost. Absolutely ridiculous, lol.

    1. Oh my gosh lol!!! What a pain!! I'm so grateful!

  2. What a great gift. And, truthfully, there is no such thing as having too many saddle pads!

  3. It's been such fun to see what everyone has given (and received!)


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