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WW: Amara's 1st Solo Fieldtrip

Amara has been sold but is still with me until the roads clear up and her new owner can come get her.  She will be semi local (about 1.5 hrs away) and has sold to a Jr Hunter Rider who hopes to make it onto the A Circuit with her, so it's really a 'proud' breeder moment.  She went on her first solo field trip last week and I couldn't have been more proud of her. I'm so excited for a 2020 full sibling!

Upon unloading and spotting her first COWS.  This was her first time in a straight haul, first time in a trailer alone, first time in a trailer without a ramp, first time backing out and first time being tied in a trailer. She backed out like a pro!  Also PS it was bloody cold.

- Insert Mega Heart Eye Emoji -
Hubby brought a bum rope just in case, and evidently he got tired of carrying it. I'm not sure why he didn't leave it at the trailer, but good help is hard to find.  We were waiting outside the Large Animal lab for our appointment (surprise: we ended up having to do the appointment outside)

More awkward standing photos of a floofy baby.  Also, her mane is plenty long enough to flop over but is insisting on growing straight up!
"Dahd, hold my head up"
Jokes aside, this was like less than a minute after getting her microchip implanted - she took it like a champ; seeing the vets hand shake trying to insert the ginormous needle even had me cringing for her - she barely even moved!

Walking back to the trailer past the horses, cows and dogs barking incessantly in their indoor kennels
A little butt rub and she hopped right in and went home!


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