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Animal Communication Results: Sierra

One of my distant colleagues is currently in training to be an Animal Communicator and was seeking animals for case studies so I offered Kidd to her, which turned out rather interesting.  I consider myself to be fairly spiritual and intuitive, but I don't know how much stock I put into this.  Regardless, it was free and helps her get her case studies in so I figured what the heck. Following Kidd's reading, I also offered for her to use Sierra. When we first chatted about Sierra, it was well over a month ago but she has been very busy lately so we lost touch over the past few weeks and finally got to sit down today to go over the results.  When you meet with her, she wants next to no information - she kept cutting me off saying "I don't need to know that", as she doesn't want to sway her brain and jeopardize a connection.  It's all a little hippy dippy for me, but the results were staggeringly accurate; even moreso with Sierra than Kidds, though the communicator has since gained a fair bit of experience.

She informed me that she connected with Sierra 3 times, however the first time was a "write-off" as she was very tired, it was very late at night and she shouldn't have connected to her as a result, so she introduced herself and closed the communication until a later date.  She then connected to her twice more, and below are the Coles Notes of the conversation.

- The communicator began again by introducing herself and started with "Hi, i'm Cathy" and explained to her who she was.  Sierra didn't say hi, but immediately responded with: "I was bad. I reared and the lady got mad and kicked me a lot and it really hurt." The communicator asked if it was me (Alaina) who did this, and she responded with no.  She asked how old she was when it happened, and she said "I was 2 - I was too young and I got scared of the other horses.  I wasn't ready, but i'm ready now".  This was interesting to me, as Sierra was a race horse and as someone with track experience, it's often intimidating for young horses coming onto the track while others are coming up around/behind them and going fast.  Very often they'll stop at the track entrance and not want to go onto the track, which regularly results in rearing.

- Early in the converastion, Sierra corrected Cathy and said her name is 'Sienna', but Cathy didn't ask for details or if that's what she would rather be called.  I found this really interesting, and speculated that because her old owner was German with a fairly heavily accent, perhaps sounded more like Sienna when pronounced.  What was even more interesting, was that when I bought Sierra I waffled with changing her name, and Sienna was my #1 choice at the time - I even called her Sienna several times in person, but it didn't really stick.

- Moving on, Sierra said several times"I need a boyfriend" despite questions being unrelated.  Cathy asked "Why?", to which Sierra responded "To protect me".  Cathy followed with "Do you feel unsafe?", and Sierra said "Not really, but I need a boyfriend because I've always had one."  What's most intriguing is that Sierra has been an absolute FLOOZY during this heat cycle. I've never ever seen her like this. I've concluded i'm renaming her from "Psycho Sierra" or "Super Sierra" depending on the day, to "Slutty Sierra". End Of Story.

- The communicator sought out her "Core Essence" which is a fancy way of describing her personality and she presented the words: beautiful, majestic, posh, protective and motherly, almost royal-like and thinks highly of herself yet she is very humble, kind hearted and quiet natured. She really loves people and is very happy in her home.  She's very, very smart and sensitive, even more than you realize despite already describing her as sensitive".

- The communicator then asked if she likes her job, to which she replied: "Yes". As affirmation, she asked Sierra "What is your job?" and her answer made me snort, as she said "Prancing Around" and showed her 'side stepping' (communicator is a western rider) and doing a "great big trot across an arena."

- She then did body scans and felt that her Root & Heart chakras were blocked.  She advised me that these chakras are related to hormones, sexuality, sense of belonging and safety. She cleared and later checked back to confirm that they remained open.

- In the body scan, she determined that Siera was sore in lower back/croup area (5/10), left abdominal/rib (7/10), left pastern/foot (4/10) and felt that her left hind foot was a little out of balance.  She also noted occasional lower jaw/chin pain, but all of said pain was on left side.  She proposed these may be connected to me being in physical pain, and I confirmed I suffer from lower back pain and occasional ankle stiffness. I could also confirm that Sierras trigger points in her ribs are very big/swollen right now and I was just thinking a few days ago how I need to make a point of doing an accupressure session on her.

- She asked for more details on this boy-crazy phased teenager brain she has, and she felt it is more of a "boy friend" vs "boyfriend" and felt a paternal brother or male-friend type of figure.  She saw an older, dark coloured horse (black/dark bay?)  and Sierra advised her that she was taken away from him. The communicator asked why she loved him, to which she said he kept her safe and once chased mean dogs away that were chasing her when she was young. She then asked how she feels about dogs and she said she likes our dogs and isn't scared of them but needs a new protector.  The communicator asked why I can't protect her, and her response was "Alaina can't always protect me because she's not always with me" - which is true, I mean.. I don't live in the field, but that's a no-brainer.  She also said she misses the black/white paint she got taken away from, which was interesting because last winter Sierra was turned out with a black/white pony. Parts of this are a little iffy for me, but I do know she lived with an older gelding pre and post race track, though I can't confirm his colour.

- I had previously told the communicator that I was investing in a new saddle, and she told me that Sierra doesn't feel it will necessarily fix pain problems but feels it will help.  That being said, she said she wants chiro/massage and the communicator also advised me to look into nerves, and possibly try acupuncture. She said the saddle may/should help me, which in turn will help Sierra although Sierra is impartial to new saddle but something in spine/nervous system might be out of whack.  She also advised me to consider ultrasound of reproductive tract if issues persist.

- The communicator asked the scary question - is she happy?  Sierra informed her that she really loves me and worries for me - wishes I would slow down and not stress/worry so much and just have fun and enjoy life.  "she does too much". This was also interesting, because Kidd said the same thing, so whether it's true or just carrying over, I can't say.

- Randomly, she showed her a person wearing a paisley or patterned bandana on their head,  but no other clear details (gender, etc).  It was interesting, as my husband wears one on his head every single day, as does a boarder on particularly hot days.

- One of the questions I had for the communicator to ask Sierra, was about the tension.  She said that the tension in the ring that pops up was due to her being scared or unsure, and she "doesn't want to get kicked for being bad again because it hurts".

- She then said she is tense 'other times' for various reasons - sometimes she's scared, sometimes she wants to have fun/run.

- She then said that I'm sitting uneven/off balance and too far back.  This was kind of 50/50 for me. I know I'm occasionally off balance and don't have the best weight-control of my seat bones at all times which is why I have been riding bareback so much.  That being said, I know her shoulders get sore when I (bareback or in a saddle) wind up too far forward, not too far back.

- Sierra also told her that she reared or acted up in the past 10 days or so, so she asked if that was true and I told her that she did act up on a trail ride last weekend, and the other day she walked off when I went to get on so she got in big trouble.

- The communicator then got into another tricky subject - me.  She mentioned that Sierra could be projecting or mirroring me, and asked "have you been emotionally out of whack or could it be a sign to have kids, or something reproduction related - trouble, success, etc related to reproduction?"

To finish, she then gave me my 'homework', which were the following,

- Alaina to tell sierra she will protect her and keep her safe

- Alaina to trust her stride more, don't over-ride her/package her up/hang on her esp in Canter as it hurts her back and lower jaw/chin (this is interesting because when I get too 'grabby' in the Canter she gets upset, pops the lead, gets stronger, etc)

- Alaina to get chiro/massage as well to ensure she's relaxed and physically balanced


She is scheduled for a Chiro/Massage/PEMF session in the near future and i'm just waiting for our lady to get her machine back from repairs, but overall I found most of her things really spot on - and none of them were information she would have had previously.  Sierra posed a new problem given that I've only owned her just over a year,  but regardless no matter how 'legit' it is, it was really intriguing!


  1. It's interesting but like you I feel animal communicators are pretty hippy dippy.


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