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March Goals + February Analysis

While I didn't hit every goal for February, I think I nailed quite a few and I'm really proud of myself!  As to not take away from other posts, I've vowed to keep my Goals/Analysis posts short and to the point, with little explanation.. So here it is!

February Goals,  Appointments & To-Do's:

  • Spend at least 30 minutes without Stirrups
    I didn't specifically time this, but I did it several times and i'm pretty sure it was around 30 min
  • Spend at least 4 Hours in the Saddle
    Unfortunately the record setting Extreme Cold Warning that lasted over 10 consecutive days and several other individual days didn't have me quite hitting this goal.  I hit roughly 3.5 hours though, so it's something!
  • Continue with the (in-hand) stretches & do more Accupressure
    Did this regularly!
  • Continue to improve my aids and positioning while tracking right
    While I feel like this will be an ongoing task, I will say I feel some improvement was found this month so I'll call it a win!
  • Continue to develop the lateral work
  • Focus more on improving the right rein stability while tracking right
    Definitely showing improvement
  • Continue to develop the R+R+C, especially in the Trot
    Definitely showing improvement, especially since improving my saddle fit!
  • Start incorporating some different, more challenging figures & more progressional transitions
    While the figures are hard in the small arena, I have been doing lots of NP Transitions!
  • Do a Hunter Clip if the weather is looking favorable for March/April
    Weather is not favorable but i'm going to call this a win because I did re-clip and just re-did the Chaser that was 3/4 grown out.. I also took it a little higher up to her crest this time.
  • Haul to the indoor to ride there at least once, even if it's short * Stretch Goal *
    Nailed this!! We hauled to the indoor on February 24 and though it's technically not February, I will also be hauling in, riding & stalling for the night on March 1st (today) in preparation of the HTS I Show on March 2nd.
  • Pentosan Injection  
    Administered February 1st
  • Saddle Fitter   
    Was on February 3rd - Rescheduled & Performed on Feb 10
  • REMT, Session #3
    Performed February 16
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March Goals,
  • Spend at least 30 Minutes w/o Stirrups
  • Get out of the Arena when Weather permits 
  • Spend at least 4 Hours in the Saddle
  • Continue to improve my aids and positioning while tracking right
  • Continue to develop the R+R+C
  • Continue to develop a correct stretch in W & T
  • Ride in HTS I (March 2) 
  • Ride in HTS II (March 30)
  • Go to all the pre-booked Pilates Classes (6 in total)


  1. It can be tough to accomplish stuff when the weather is so poor, onward to March!


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