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December Analysis | January Goals + New Years Resolutions

This post will be fairly short while I focus on my bullet points below, but regardless I'm thrilled to report I absolutely crushed my December Goals, regardless of how simple they are/were.  I'm looking forward to January, which tells me my Evil Mind Tricks have been working.  January/February are notoriously brutal months weather-wise, so I'm remaining hopeful that this gloriously mild winter will maintain throughout that period, otherwise it may effect my ability to hit January's goals.  

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With the plan of building off this month to maintain my goal-crushing-skillz, I had to go against my desire to quadruple my December goals and remain reasonable to ensure I find success yet again.

December Goals:

  • Spend at least 2 hours in the saddle
    Hit 2 hours on Dec 16!  I finished the month with double my goal (about 4 hrs)!
  • Spend at least 3 hours on the ground (grooming, ground work, just hangin')
    I think I spent way more than this hangin' out, etc and it's kind of inevitable so I guess this goal was a bit of a "cheat".
  • Incorporate more Stretching (on the ground) Did cookie &/or leg stretches *almost* every time I saw her .. I think I missed 2 or 3 days
  • Get Sierra's Teeth Done
    I had this booked in but decided to push it off to the new year.
Admittedly, I've had this blog sitting in my scheduled posts for weeks and I have been crossing things off as I go, but with that I have also revised my January Goals about 10 times.  I think I've narrowed things down to a slightly more challenging, but still quite simple list.  Continuing on with the Evil Mind Tricks, I am also anticipating an onslaught of god-awful weather because lets face it, it has been FAR too mild so far - Snowmageddon (or, mother-fcking-cold-mageddon) is lurking in the shadows, I can feel it! Personally, in an unheated arena and an outdoor turn out board, I won't ride beyond -15C or so as I just don't feel it's fair or worth it, so these goals are based on expecting a cold snap limiting my riding.. but I hope i'm wrong!

January Goals:
  • Spend at least 4 Hours in the Saddle
  • Continue with regular Stretching (on the ground)
  • Spend at least 30 minutes without Stirrups
  • Continue to work to lengthen my right side and soften my thigh, especially while tracking to the right
  • Work to develop a more reliable and consistent response to the lateral aids
  • Improve the canter - go large and trust her.
New Years Resolutions:
  • SAME OLD / Eat healthier
  • SAME OLD / Ditch the negativity
  • SAME OLD / Don't do things that make me miserable for the sake of making others happy
  • NEW / Ride for the journey, not the ribbons
  • NEW/ Be less wasteful/Have less environmental impact
  • NEW / De-Clutter your life physically & emotionally
  • NEW / Read more Novels
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  1. sounds like a solid december, happy new year and good luck with the new resolutions!

    1. It was! This was posted this morning and after my ride today I finished the month with 5 hrs in the saddle, woop!

      Thank you! Everything is a work in progress, but having it written down makes it feel a little more important, hehe.

      Happy New Year!!

  2. Positive mindset in 2019 - I like it!


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