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August Online Dressage Show - An International Fundraiser

While this may come across as a shameless plug, I don't think I have enough blog followers to quality for that lol!  

I'm the founder and President of our local Sport Horse Club and we just hosted an Online Dressage Show on July 20th.  While entries were expectantly low, we are hosting another and hope to see it grow!  The beautiful thing about this International Fundraiser is anyone in the world can participate as long as they have access to the internet and someone to video!  Currently, we have TWO judges who judge each test individually, therefor you get twice the amount of feedback!  For only $15.00 Canadian (less than $12 USD) you can ride a test and receive your test back plus additional comments via e-mail from the judges.  Additionally, riders who ride at least 2 tests in one division are eligible for High Point Awards!  It's a no-brainer!

The deadline for the next show is August 24 and all the details can be found in the Show Book on our website:

If you're interested in being a Volunteer Judge, have access to the internet, a printer/scanner and can adhere to timelines, contact us via e-mail (found on the website above)!  We hope to have a variety of judges to circulate through to ensure ample feedback for the riders.


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