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SD Bloghop: What's Your Worth?

While I have an update coming on my horses, I will save that for another day. 
In the mean time, 


Stay Patient and Trust Your Journey

As Equestrians, we invest a lot in our expensive habit regardless if we are ammy's just trying to get through the day with one leg on either side of the horse, or professionals riding 5+ head per day.  Everything costs money, and it adds up quick.  Our expenses are often spread out which lessens the blow, but at the end of the day it's still an expensive investment. We often discuss our reoccurring or random expenses, but what about the items we buy that last 1-10 years? I realize it varies daily depending on what you're doing, what the season is, etc.  But on an average ride this time of year, what's your worth?

Though i'm not really riding right now, I will pretend I am.

Right now, it's evidently still Winter despite the Calendar saying otherwise.  I go out to catch Kidd to go for a ride.  I slip his $25 Nylon Halter over his head and tie him to the hitching post with his $15 lead rope.  As I remove his $300 Amigo Winter Blanket and $100 Schneiders Liner, I brush him down with my $50 Horseware grooming set.  I pick out his feet, careful to ensure his $80 front shoes are still fitted snug to his hooves.  I place my $80 Anky Technical pad on his back, followed by $40 BR Polos, my $3,000 Zaldi Dressage Saddle and $40 Ovation Girth.  Before completing his ensemble, I change into my $100 Breeches, $250 Tall Boots and $200 Helmet.  Finally, i'm ready and grab my $400 BR Bridle off the hook and head out.  Following my magical, amazing and incredible ride, I revel in success and utter contentment (lol - not lately).

My Average Daily Worth is $4680. Whoa.

This isn't about being hoity-toity and bragging about how much your things cost because let's be real, it's far more cool to find shit-hot deals and pay next to nothing for items worth far more.  Rather, I want to bring light to our stupidity investment in what brings us joy, because at the end of the day, even if you have to pick yourself up out of the dirt, it's worth it.


  1. Interesting blog hop, I'll need to ruminate on this one for a minute.

  2. I’m terrified of what my investment total is. I prefer to live in a state of denial.

    1. HAHA, preach it sister! I was honestly surprised when I added mine up, which is why I decided to turn it into a Blog Hop. I don't really know why I was surprised with a $3,000 saddle it was bound to be pricey but I prefer to live by "ignorance is bliss".

  3. I just added mine up.... you got off easy.

    1. Oh good, that makes me feel better. I considered mentioning some days I tie him to my $35,000 trailer but that just seemed like it would boost my numbers into an unrealistic realm.

  4. And start the nervous sweats just thinking about this right NOW


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