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2018 Goals

In light of recent events, combined with a brand new year peeking around the corner, I've caught myself excited for what is to come.  With frigid temperatures seeping deep into my core, my motivation has completely subsided, though my dreams and aspirations have grown and i'm excited to crush 2018.

Kidd is home, and with that came an odd feeling of relief and excitement for what is to come.  The day before Kidd left on trial, I had a hole in my soul.  I truly didn't think it would come to that, but regardless I felt an uncanny pull and deep sense of regret, which only grew while he was away.  Though I am disappointed the sale did not go through, I am relieved to have him back and get training, though he isn't the only horse I have goals with.

While my goals may not be as big as some, it's far more than recent years.  If 50% of them are accomplished by this time next year, I will be satisfied with myself and my horses, but knowing my unnerving desire to push myself too far, I will have a ping of disappointment if I do not, so I will continue to aim for an 100% Success Rate in 2018.


Nik hasn't come up recently so for those who don't know, With No Knickers is my Thoroughbred Broodmare. I took her down south this past spring to breed her to Cherokee Country, but she did not cooperate.  Instead, in 2018 I will breed her to my in laws new stallion Energetico, and cross my fingers for a chromey little red head!  This foal is destined for the race track.

With No Knickers, AKA Nikki



Vida is also a mare who hasn't come up, mostly because she's not mine.  Vida is a 2009 Thoroughbred mare who was in training with a 3-Day Olympic Rider before sustaining an injury and thus having to retire to broodmare sound.  My friend who now owns her is not prepared to breed her in 2018, so I have worked out a Breeding Lease with her, and she is booked in to be bred to KWPN Stallion Parcival in the spring.  This foal will be a sale project, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be absolutely smitten, and will hopefully repeat the breeding in the future for a 'keeper' foal.

Fastination, AKA Vida


Kai is going to be turned out with the herd to enjoy being a horse until spring, and though a friend/client has expressed interest in leasing her for the spring/summer/fall, regardless of what happens I do have a few goals in mind for her.  First, I would obviously like to get her more broke under saddle.  With that, I would like to also trail ride and hack often throughout my 160 acre property.  Through that, I hope her topline improves and depending on how things go, I may attempt a Walk/Trot Dressage test at the Fall Finale in September 2018.  Though this would be her Under Saddle Debut, I do hope to take her to the Spring Opener (May 2018) for some in-hand classes.  Unfortunately things with her at the arena didn't end well due to her injuring herself on the ice, followed by temperatures which should be illegal, but regardless i'm happy with the things we accomplished while she was there.

This might be a little steep, but I think they're healthy, attainable goals.  Perhaps i'm overly motivated right now because it's -47C and I haven't ridden Kidd since July, but regardless i'm setting them and y'all are my witnesses!  To start, I need to find a new coach because both the coaches I worked with previously have retired from that aspect of the industry.  I have a prospective coach likely coming to my farm for a clinic in the spring, and I really hope we hit it off so I can bring her up semi regularly.  From there, I hope to finally compete at First Level, and obtain a minimum of 65% at least once this season.  Additionally, I hope to school through the Second Level test at our Dressage Jackpot, just for a fun challenge.  In terms of training, I hope to develop Kidd's changes, half passes and improve his collection and mediums.  I also hope to cross train with more jumping, and trail ride/hack out often and finally, I hope to attend at least 1 show I don't regularly go to.

The Famous Strike-Out List

Get Nikki in foal to Energetico

Get Vida in foal to Parcival

Get Kai Better Broke
Compete in-hand with Kai
Trail Ride/Hack Kai regularly
Attempt a Walk/Trot Dressage test at the Fall Finale with Kai

Find a new Dressage Coach
Show at First Level
Obtain over 65% at First Level
School through a Second Level Test in front of a judge
Travel to a show I don't regularly compete at
Develop Changes
Develop Half Passes
Improve Collection
Improve Mediums
Jump More
Trail Ride/Hack Out more


  1. So many exciting things on the horizon! Bring on 2018!

  2. oooo Parcival is a fine looking man!

    1. Isn't he.. I've loved him for many many years and when he got sold to a breeder in Canada a few years ago I couldn't WAIT to use him. I was going to breed Nikki to him but with the concerns from earlier this spring I decided to breed her LC on the farm. If she remains healthy/happy and doesn't have complications I will consider crossing her to him next year.


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