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2018 Goals

What? Alaina, don't you think you're planning a little far in advance? Probably, but lets face it... 2017 is a complete write-off for me at this point.

I have avoided doing any Blog Posts recently as I have no new media to share and words are hard.  To make it short and simple, I don't remember the last time I rode Kidd, and Kai's Seroma is slowly absorbing, but she isn't back to work yet.  She needs to go back to work soon though, as she's like a feral orangutan at this point. Oy Vey.

On July 31st we took possession of our new farm and my mom ventured the 1100 KM's East from the North Coast of British Columbia to help us with the renovations, and check out our new digs.  We've been working tirelessly for nearly 2 weeks and still aren't sleeping there, but regardless we have got so much done and hope to move our bed and house hold fur-babies this weekend, with the horses to move later this month.

This blog will be pretty short and sweet, but I need something to keep me pushing through and looking forward to the 2018 riding season.

Fat Pony being Fat

Winter Riding
I'm hoping to take advantage of the local boarding facility, which is located on our college campus where I work.  It is a little expensive (for a frugal filly like myself) but I think I can swing it, as I will likely only have breeding fees for 1 mare in 2018.  I haven't yet decided who I will be taking there, or when.  I would prefer to alternate Kidd and Kai, but i'm not certain Kai is ready to be thrown into that atmosphere quite yet.  Regardless, we will see how the fall training goes, if she will stop hurting herself.  Ideally, I will take Kai there in late 2017 or early 2018 for 1-2 months, then bring her home and bring Kidd in to get a head start on Spring Training. 

 If we have a similar year for weather, I *should* be able to get a fair amount of riding done at home, as the sand in our new arena is quite nice.  When we first looked at our new property in early March, there was still icy-snow patches throughout the arena but where it was already melted off it would have been safe, without a doubt, for walk/trot/canter so I am holding out hope that I can minimize my boarding costs as a result.

Kai's first time out of her pen since her most recent injury - she didn't get the memo we were only supposed to be walking on the lunge line...

Kai's 2018 Goals (General)

I don't think I will send her back to the race track next year, but regardless that girl needs some serious Alaina-Boot-Camp, and we were making great progress but I haven't had any time for my horses in the past 4-6 weeks and I feel as though she has regressed. I hope to put that behind us when I can really dedicate myself to her again.

Ground work. Ground work. Ground work.

Tying - because apparently we forget how.

Desensitizing to certain things such as dragging a lead rope, etc.

Trailer Loading - because it's 50/50.

Understanding large pastures & wire fencing without getting hurt.

Just.. not getting hurt on a regular basis in general.

Get an updated X-Ray of her LF Fetlock to compare to the Rad from the initial injury.

Throw back to when she wasn't hurt for 6 months straight and I actually got to ride her!

Kai's 2018 Goals (Under Saddle)

I'm hoping to implement some fun new events through the Fairview Sport Horse Club, of which I am the founder & president.  Through past years, we have always ran our events at the local indoor but the rental costs cause us to have to charge astronomical prices that seriously reduce our numbers, sometimes to the point of cancelling events like our Jumper Jackpot Series.  I hope to host these and more at our new place once we are set up for it, and this will be a great opportunity for Kai to dip her toes into competition, all from the comfort of her own home.  

Additionally, I find it really frustrating when horses don't handle hacks/trail rides well.  I'm blessed in the fact that our new property has roughly 100 acres of trees with 10+ trails cut throughout it.  They're inviting and simple, and great for relaxing or getting green beans out and about!

Travel to different venues.

Get out on the trails - with confidence!

Do some small events to get her out and about.

Ride in the Fall Finale (Walk/Trot) if she's mentally ready.


Kidd's 2018 Goals (General)

Kidd is pretty much 'well broke' and seasoned in the ground work and riding department, so our goals are all about progressing under saddle, for the most part.

Get a thorough once-over by a Vet (x rays, etc)

Also stop getting hurt

Cutting the hay at our new farm because I have no media

Kidd's 2018 Goals (Under Saddle)

Nail our Canter issues 

Start/Continue with our Changes 

Start/Continue with our Half Passes

*FINALLY* Debut at First Level

Possibly try our hand at Second by the fall

Put together some super cute Hunter rounds at some local shows

Show a Full Format (2+ Days)


There you have it folks, my 2018 goals.  At this point, just riding more than 15x in 1 calendar year would be a blessing, but hey... life happens and sometimes your hobbies need to temporarily, reluctantly sit in the back seat while other priorities control your life.  We will get back at it, i'm sure!


  1. You have had a pretty busy year so far - with purchasing a new home (congratulations again!!) to starting a new job. Life gets in the way of pony time sometimes, but I think 2018 will be a better year :) Everything will be more settled and you'll have a good routine hashed out.

  2. Lots of great things to look ahead to!

    1. Thank you! At this rate, if I accomplish half of them i'll be happy!


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