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PRODUCT REVIEW - Anky Technical Pad

I bought the Anky Technical Pad back in the winter and I have been holding off on doing a review until I really got a chance to use it.  I was hesitant initially, but I prefer a slightly thicker pad and wanted to give it a whirl.  I wasn't able to find many reviews online (this was the only one I could find) but did speak to a few friends who have them or have seen them used, and they were really happy with them.

Oh, by the way... If you don't know me.... Hi, I'm Alaina and i'm picky about saddle pads!

Photo courtesy of some other poor sucker with a slight obsession

First things first, this pad is different than any pad I have ever used before.  It has no billets or straps to hold it in place.  Instead, it features a silicone "ANKY" Logo across the back.  I was really concerned about slipping or bunching, but took my friends calm exclamation of "mine is great!" to heart and trusted her observations.  The under-side is advertised as a 'coolmax fabric', while the exterior is suede (or suede-like).  The pad itself is quite thick compared to my other pads, but I wouldn't considering it abnormally thick.  I'm not sure what it is filled with, but it has a foam-like texture and it's quite springy.


  • I like the stiffness of the pad, yet it maintains it's shock-absorbing properties
  • Though not many options, the colour options that are available are lovely
  • I haven't had *any* issues with the pad shifting or moving
  • The suede exterior rebels dirt very well
  • The under-side's fabric doesn't allow for hairs to become woven into the material
  • The price point was more than reasonable ($69 CAD + Shipping) compared to other pads in it's price range
  • It still looks brand new, even after it's washed & hung to dry

  • I find the breathability lacking, but I'm not overly surprised based on the thickness of the pad; it's a catch-22 IMO.


As someone who LOVES BR products and owns 3 saddle pads, I prefer the Anky.  I really struggled to even choose a 'con' but had to settle on the lack of breathability; but this is something I find difficult with almost all the pads I own or have used.  

I have paid more money for pads that I absolutely hated after 1 ride and ended up selling, but the fact that I'm completely satisfied with this pad after multiple uses, on multiple horses, speaks to it's quality.  I feel the price point is, although steep, very reasonable.. I'll put it this way, it's the 'nicest pad I own in it's price range'.

I highly recommend the ANKY Technical pad, and will certainly be purchasing more in the future.

Still perfectly in place and tucked into the gullet towards the end of a ride.


  1. Tbh, I'm not a fan of the "look" of them, but I also kinda want to buy Annie the piscina pad. lol

  2. These are pretty neat looking! Wonder if I can find a reasonable vendor to buy from in the US :)

    1. I love the look of these pads, and i'm sure you can find them in USA!


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