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Kai, A 'Mini' Before & After

And 'just because', here is a mini Before & After of Kai

Keep in mind I am in no way implying I 'rescued' her, nor am I implying she came to me in poor shape - she came to me as a horse fresh off the track, just as expected.  She had a few long days on a strange trailer, in strange barns, with strange people and no doubt that took a bit out of her as well... Sorry, but it drives me crazy when I hear people promote that just simply buying a horse from a racing home means they automatically rescued it - head desk -

Before she got shipped to me in Alberta

A few days after arriving

Same day as above

January 14

There isn't a lot of change between these two photos, but in the photos below, taken roughly a month later, her top line is more smooth and balanced.  This is also after doing a Kidney Flush treatment.

Overcast weather doesn't do her coat justice!
What we have done or learned since she arrived on November 9, 2016

  • Kai loves the curry comb
  • Kai was initially really broncy and lunged like a total dick, but after her Chiro Treatment & Kidney Flush, she's knocked that off significantly and as such, is probably going to be a regular with the Chiropractor just like Kidd - maybe i'll get a 2-for-1 deal?!
  • She's great to squirt stuff in her mouth, often a 'sour subject' for a lot of OTTB's
  • She ties, is good with the hose and handling her feet, is quiet to tack up and after some work, stands great to mount at the mounting block and get on
  • She's not an overly easy keeper, but isn't necessarily a hard keeper either
  • She has a build up of Scar Tissue on her LF and I was finally able to expose a small nickle-sized spot of Proud Flesh, which we are currently treating
  • She eats & drinks A LOT. Like, A LOT A LOT
  • She loves her bum scratched, just like Kidd
  • She is super sassy and a total attitudy-judy, but is equally sweet and loving
  • She has grown taller and filled out more
  • She's very green under saddle, which is amazing for how many years she's actually been under saddle.. as such, she's certainly more 'track broke' than I was lead to believe - but that's fine!
  • Her and Kidd currently can share everything, from blankets to tack - thank god!
  • She may or may not go back to the race track, it's undecided
  • She chews things when she gets bored such as the eons we spent standing still and quiet at the mounting block, tied up while I do barn yard things, etc
  • She has been treated for Ulcers as a precaution, and I have done a round of Kidney Flush (great results!) as well as de wormed
  • She had her feet done once since arriving, and is getting them done in an other 2 weeks as i'm not loving how her RF is growing - will address with Farrier next weekend
  • She is testy - for example, yesterday scissors were terrifying while trimming her mane. I kept at her, and she quickly gave up.
  • She has huge fetlocks, and I don't know if it's just me looking at dainty legs for the past few years, but she seems like she has so much bone.
  • She loves Carrots & Apples - FINALLY A HORSE THAT EATS NORMAL TREATS!
  • I didn't touch her or hardly say hi to her for about 3 weeks, and she emerged a totally different horse - in a good way!
  • I've ridden her twice (Jan 15 & Feb 15), no funny business either time but we kept things slow and simple
  • Her sense of steering is atrocious, but she seems to have excellent brakes and accepts the leg - though I think mostly because she has no clue what it means
I'm sure there's so much more, but I was surfing through photo's today and truly hadn't realized how much she's changed physically since I got her, and she's really changed mentally as well! Totally in love with her adorable face!

...... and Photo Spam, just cause!

At the rate she's going, she may be lucky enough to have her back graced with my one true love -- my Dressage Saddle!


  1. So much love for the first paragraph. Someone asked me if it was hard to rescue an OTTB. I told them I had no idea, I've never done it. My guy came from a fabulous couple out in MB and he had a great life there. This is just a different life now. #repurposednotrescued

    1. Thank yoU! As someone involved in a racing family, it drives me absoultely bananas to hear people, who we have sold lovely horses to, tell others that they 'rescued a horse from the track'... makes me want to go scratch all their saddles!! Baha, that's my passive aggressive horse-brain talking. I'm so glad you agree!

  2. She really looks great! I love the slow thoughtful process of helping her get physically comfortable!!

  3. HOW DID I MISS THIS POST. Love it!!


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