Foal Friday

I always find it absolutely fascinating to watch horses grow and develop, and with Foals it seems to scratch that itch on a near daily basis.  Dory is just over 2 weeks old and growing like an absolute weed.  I haven't been nearly as hands-on with her as I was with Amara due to being nearly 8 months pregnant, but regardless I'm happy with her.  She's easy to catch, is about 85% on leading (occasionally tests pressure), doesn't care at all about fly sprays, picks up all her feet, and is very friendly.  Watching her unfold, despite being quite strong right from birth, is always remarkable and each day she looks more and more like a horse than a plate of spaghetti.

A few hours old Vs. nearly 2 weeks old

She's really hard to get decent photos of because she always wants to be in my lap

She's going to be a pretty solid girl!

Amara Vs. Dory at the exact same age. Amara was very hunter-ish, while Dory appears to be much more of a sporty type.


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