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April Analysis + May Goals

I won't lie, April was a very slow month for a variety of reasons, but that being said while I didn't reach many of my goals, I did make a point of doing some different things that I really, really enjoyed.

Spend at least 4 Hrs in the Saddle
I think I was about 2 Hours TotalSpend at least 30 Min w/o Stirrups
Assuming bareback counts, I nailed this because I rode bareback all monthGet out of the arena at least 3 times
I ended up taking Sierra home early in April, so every ride was outdoors but other than a short wander down the road, I didn't hack out at all.Continue to develop the R + R + C in W & T
Given that I was riding bareback, I didn't really work on any of thisContinue to correct the unevenness in the reins
Also did not do thisDo more ground work yielding front + hind quarters
I definitely did a fair bit of ground workDo at least 1 fun and 'out of the ordinary' thing
We definitely did this!--------------------------------------------------------- Omeprazole T…

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