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A Humbling End

A week has passed since my life was turned upside down by my new coach/trainer (see introduction, 3 posts followed recapping the clinic), and unlike clinics passed I was raring to go with a newfound motivation and inspiration.  In one of my previous posts I touched on the impression that we began to uncover the roots that posed so many issues throughout our past show year, and I feel like I learned so much more about my horse during the clinic.  I found the transition to riding without being barked at (said with love) tough, and found myself wanting to revert back to some old habits but I did my best to remain confident, trusting and supple in my own body.  The arena has been fairly quiet during my usual ride times as of late and I took advantage of that to utilize the entire arena, play with going more forward, and dabble with the flying changes.

Sierra had Monday off and Tuesday we started back lightly with just a very forward flowing, easy ride with a loose contact.  We schooled som…

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