June Goals + May Analysis

May Analysis
  • Spend at least 5 Hours in the Saddle
    I didn't track it exactly, but I'm certain I hit this.
  • Ride Bareback in a  Halter at least twice
    I accomplished this times about 10.
  • Hack out at least 4 times
    Did this!
  • R + R + C in all 3 gaits 
    Due to mostly just working on our bridleless stuff, I didn't really spend a pile of time on this but it was on my brain regardless so i'll call it a win.
  • Jump at least onceI jumped three times!  I mean, I just popped over an ex that was set up in my arena, but still.
  • PEMF Appointment #1 (2019)Done May 3rd
  • Pentosan Injection #3
    Done May 22nd
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Overall, May was kind of a bust. I mean I hit all my goals, but they were seriously Basic B!tch status and considering Sierra spent 2 weeks of the month being lame, I need to raise my bar a bit.  Really, the last two months have been crappy in terms of riding, but i'm hoping to get back on track.  I'll be riding two horses for at least the next two weeks, so that should seriously bump up my saddle time.  Now I just need Sierra to stop getting hurt and for the wildfires to dissipate as it's currently too smokey to ride or exercise the horses safely... always something!

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Ignore the sketchy set up

June Goals
  • Spend at least 8 hours in the saddle
  • Care less about perfection, and more about having fun
  • Ride bareback in a halter (or halterless) at least 5 times, working on feel
  • Do more hand walks out of the arena
  • Focus on K&S' Relaxation & my fluidity
  • Develop more stretch into the contact
  • Get Vida settled (IE Bred & confirmed in foal)
  • Introduce Amara to sprays (Water, fly spray, etc)
  • Get Amara posted for sale
  • Get Kidd posted for sale pending PPE results on June 14
  • * Stretch Goal * Set up an online lesson (but test the connection first)

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The smoke from nearby wildfires is absolutely awful right now


  1. I hope those fires clear up so you can get out there and ride!


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