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I've been seriously absent in the blogosphere lately, but for good reason!  Vida foaled!!

I took Vida, my 2009 JC mare who was slated to be a FEI Eventer but sustained an injury, to my in laws to foal out a few weeks ago.  My in laws breed race horses and have been at it several decades, so I felt most comfortable with watchful, experienced eyes on site when the time comes, and though things went relatively smoothly, I'm glad I did.

I'm sure everyone just wants to see the adorable photos so I will save you the long story of the days leading up to the big event, and without further delay, welcome to blog-land you sassy red head!  Her barn name is "Amara" (Ah-Marr-Ahh), and will be registered KWPN-NA as Ostara BRR (BRR = Brookside Range Ranch is our farm name).  Ostara is the wicca Goddess of spring.  

Amara was born at 2AM on Friday, April 19th.  She has a big blaze, white bottom lip, one big stocking and when she was wet when she was born it looked as though she had a small amount of sock (coronet/half pastern) on the left hind as well, but time will tell once she darkens up.  Vida is doing well and has been a fantastic first-time mama!

No photo description available.

Amara is sired by the KWPN Stallion Parcival, and she is for sale but i'm waiting a bit to actively post her.  She still looks like a big ol' bowl of spaghetti so until she grows into her legs a bit i'll just keep snuggling her! We are currently working on learning the lead.  She's very bright and saucy, but looks like she will be a good size and a pretty fancy girl in any ring!


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